‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Fans Want ‘Felony Flo’ Gone for Good

Fans of The Bold and the Beautiful are used to crazy antics. However, while some character’s sinister actions are celebrated, other characters just seem to rub fans the wrong way. Flo Fulton, played by Katrina Bowdenis one of those characters that fans just can’t seem to get behind. The majority of The Bold and the Beautiful fans are even hoping to see the character written off the show somehow because of how much they can’t stand her. Read on to learn more about Felony Flo’s history on The Bold and the Beautiful and why fans would be happy to see her go. 

Katrina Bowden smiling at the camera, sitting down
Katrina Bowden | Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Getting to know Florence Fulton 


Florence “Flo” Fulton joined the character list of The Bold and the Beautiful in January 2019. After a few months in town, Flo’s mother, Shauna Fulton, arrives. Shauna reveals a shocking secret to Flo that changes her life and role in the city forever. The secret that Shauna unveils to Flo is her true paternity. As it turns out, Flo Fulton is actually the biological daughter of Storm Logan.

While Storm is deceased, the Logan family has a long and prominent history on The Bold and the Beautiful. The Logan family is one of the core families on the show, debuting during the show’s inception in 1987. Ultimately, learning of her true paternity changes everything for Flo Fulton and her place in Los Angeles and among other characters. 

The sinister actions of Felony Flo 


While Flo has been revealed to be a member of a staple Bold and the Beautiful family, this revelation hasn’t done anything to help Flo’s popularity among fans. Flo came to town over a year ago, based on a very sinister plot. Fans can’t seem to get over the reason behind Flo’s initial arrival in the city and hence deemed her Felony Flo.   

A staple character, Steffy Forrester, was looking to adopt a baby. Flo and Dr. Reese Buckingham concocted a plan for Flo to pose as the birth mother of a child. Flo went along with the sinister plan. However, Flo was not aware of all the intricate details of the plan, like the fact that the child she and Reece were giving to Steffy was actually the stolen newborn daughter of Hope Logan and Liam Spencer. Flo initially went along with the plan, but was eventually ridden with guilt, especially after learning that Hope was actually her long-lost cousin.  

Fans won’t be sad to see Flo go


‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Fans Can’t Understand Why Flo Didn’t Just Untie Herself and Escape

Eventually the truth of the baby switching plot is revealed and Steffy’s adopted daughter is returned to her rightful parents, Hope and Liam. While Flo has tried to redeem herself for her actions, it seems like it may be too little, too late. Flo will probably be stuck with the nickname Felony Flo for years to come if her character sticks around. However, fans of The Bold and the Beautiful have made it clear that they will not be sad if Flo is written off the show entirely.

Fans of The Bold and the Beautiful recently took to Twitter to express their excitement for the show to resume production following the coronavirus (COVID-19) break. Fans also discussed what storylines and character interactions they are looking forward to most. However, Flo wasn’t mentioned among fans as a positive. After watching the promo, one fan even wrote, “I will pass after seeing Flo, Wyatt, Liam, & Hopeless.” While some Bold and the Beautiful fans love Flo, it’s a small minority. The general consensus among fans is that the show would be better off without Felony Flo Fulton and her twisted antics.