‘The Bold and the Beautiful’: Fans Want Quinn Involved in Brooke and Deacon’s Drama

The Bold and the Beautiful‘s Quinn Fuller (Rena Sofer) is the resident bad girl. While Quinn has tried to stay on the straight and narrow, something or someone gets her to change. Quinn’s rivalry with Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) has caused the jewelry designer to lose her temper many times. Now, the women may be reigniting their feud.

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‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ fans believe Quinn Fuller should return for Brooke Logan’s latest scandal

Quinn and Brooke’s feud is one of the most heated in The Bold and the Beautiful‘s recent history. Quinn’s hatred for Brooke stems from her and the Logans always interfering in everyone else’s business. Now, fans feel it’s time for her to return the favor to her arch nemesis.

Brooke again is in another scandal after her kiss with Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan) ends her marriage to Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye). On Twitter, fans feel that the addition of Quinn to the story would make things interesting. “Where is Quinn? It’s so unfair Quinn doesn’t get to go barge in on Brooke and have a go at her too!! It’s well deserved!!” wrote one viewer. “Quinn needs to throw Deacon back in Brooke’s face just like she threw Carter in Quinn’s face,” another commenter chimed in.

Brooke Logan tried to break up Quinn Fuller’s marriage

It wasn’t that long ago that Brooke was inserting herself into Quinn’s business. Last year, Quinn’s affair with Carter Walton (Lawrence Saint-Victor) was a hot topic on The Bold and the Beautiful. When Brooke discovered Quinn was cheating on Eric Forrester (John McCook), she didn’t waste anytime in judging the Forrester matriarch. However, Brooke was in for a shock when learned of Eric’s erectile dysfunction and that he gave Quinn and Carter permission to fool around.

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Yet, that did little to stop Brooke’s criticism of Quinn. She tried to break up the couple’s marriage by convincing her sister Donna Logan (Jennifer Gareis) to go after Eric. However, Brooke’s attempts proved futile. Quinn dumped Carter to stay with Eric, and the couple are committed to making their marriage work.

Will the two women reignite their feud?

Quinn and Brooke’s last appearance together on The Bold and the Beautiful was during the Forrester Christmas party. The enemies made peace during the holidays, yet fans know that won’t last long. Quinn’s been absent since then, but the jewelry designer could be returning in time to reignite her feud with Brooke.

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According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Brooke seeks comfort from Eric after Ridge walks out. Eric’s always had a soft spot for his ex-wife and will offer his support. While Eric is hopeful Brooke and Ridge will work things out, she may have her sights set on another man.

Although fans believe Brooke will rekindle her romance with Deacon, it might be Eric who she reunites with. Brooke and Eric reuniting would be a huge shock and bring lots of drama. Of course Quinn will be furious with Brooke trying to steal her husband, and set out for revenge. As fans have seen in the past, it’s never a good idea to make Quinn angry.