‘The Bold and the Beautiful’: Finn’s About to Cross Over to the Dark Side

The Bold and the Beautiful, the CBS soap opera, contains romantic intrigues, lovey-dovey entanglements, and thrills.  The 1987 drama series is still intriguing to fans with its epic storylines, hilarious characters, and unfolding drama.

One character who is the center of attention during the recent episodes is Dr. Finn (Tanner Novlan). The hot and sassy doctor has a love interest in Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood). Although the nice doctor appears calm with a pure personality, he looks like he’s about to cross over to the dark side.

Tanner Novlan as Dr. John 'Finn' Finnegan in front of a blurred background
Tanner Novlan as Dr. John ‘Finn’ Finnegan | Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

Finn is a one dimensional character

Finn was introduced to The Bold and the Beautiful to bring to a close the unnecessary romantic triangulations — or so fans hoped. His character needed to disclose a dark secret, which the fans are still anticipating.

Despite revealing his backbone on a few occasions, Finn remains the still and emotionless guy. His character is relatively dull, which suggests he might have darker motivates. 

Initially, Liam (Steffy’s ex-boyfriend) questioned the motives of the delightful doctor. Liam does not think Finn cares about the feelings of Steffy. To him, the doctor is exploiting Steffy, who is his patient, for his interests. But Finn is defensive and claims he truly loves her; although the chemistry between the two is crystal clear, fans still question his motives.

Finn might show a darker side soon

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Envisioning the calm and charming doctor displaying a volcano of angry emotions on the show is ridiculous. Finn is not easily provoked, and his gentleness is almost unbelievable. The attractive physician shows tenderness toward Steffy, and it is unimaginable to see the two part ways.

However, Steffy and Liam were romantically involved and decided to conceal their affair from Finn and Hope. During the one-night stand steamy affair, Steffy and Liam betrayed their partners, and their hypocrisy might cost them their relationships.

When Finn discovers the affair, it’s likely he will harbor ugly emotions, anger, and blame. He will likely furiously confront Liam, as Liam had stuck his nose into Finn and Steffy’s relationship since the beginning, and hold him responsible for the turn of events. Fans can only expect the doctor with collected emotions to turn into someone infuriated and probably self-destructive.

What could happen if Finn gets involved with Hope?

Hope considered Finn as an excellent match from the first time they met.  She had an initial admiration for the sexy doctor, and Finn might not have noticed. There is a bond between the two characters, and Hope confiding in Finn portrays some spark that might mature to love. Since their significant others were involved in a one-night stand, the two have undeniable similarities. 

Liam wanted to spill the details of their affair to Hope, but Steffy requested him to safeguard the secret. However, he is feeling too guilty, and he might reveal the issue soon. After the affair’s revelation, Hope and Finn will find themselves in the same dilemma and might end up consoling each other.  The aftermath of that predicament is almost predictable.

Finn and Hope are likely to seek solace in one another after the betrayal from their partners — after all, that’s how soaps go. Typically, the two are kindhearted people who have been victims of unfaithful partners. Although we cannot predict how Finn will react to the love affair, Hope will not pardon Liam for his fevered actions and hypocrisy.

After Hope breaking up with Liam, Thomas might try to convince Hope for a re-pairing. However, due to their history, Hope and Thomas might not have a chance of rekindling their love on the show.  According to the recent turn of events on The Bold and the Beautiful, Finn is a good match for Hope. The rebound relationship will be epic — and the love square will bring some much-needed drama — and the two are fantastic people who might create a mature and passionate relationship.

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