‘The Bold and the Beautiful’: Has the Show Been Renewed for a New Season?

The Bold and the Beautiful is one of the top daytime soap operas on the air right now. Because of its success, is the series renewed for upcoming seasons?

Rena Sofer and John McCook preparing for a 'The Bold and the Beautiful' scene wearing masks
Rena Sofer and John McCook preparing for a ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ scene | Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ is celebrating 34 years

The Bold and the Beautiful was conceived as a sister soap to The Young and the Restless and they exist in the same universe. Both were created by William J. Bill and Lee Phillip Bell. Their son, Bradley Bell, is the current head writer for the show and is one of the executive producers. The show revolves around the personal and professional lives of the Forrester family as they run their fashion house, Forrester Creations. The show also focuses on the Logan family and the Spencer family.

Bradley Bell reflected on 34 years of the show in a recent interview with TV Insider for the anniversary. The show is still standing despite being relatively young in soap opera age.

“It’s hard to pinpoint a time as we’ve been the only half-hour series on the air for so long,” said Bell when talking about when it felt like the show was in it for the long run. “We felt we were the odd man out, blazing a trail all our own. Going way back, I suppose the first Sheila [Kimberlin Brown] crossover from The Young and the Restless in 1992. The ratings popped, bringing us to the No. 2 spot. We’d remained a strong contender before then, but that moment was a big one. That elevated us in the ratings to a point that showed we were here to stay.”

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Key characters are important to the show

The head writer also talked about the fact that characters from the Forresters, Logans and Spencers have been around for years and are still so very crucial to the show. Bradley Bell gives credit to two longtime cast members.

“We owe a lot of that to original cast members John McCook [Eric] and Katherine Kelly Lang and to their commitment to the show from Day One,’ he said. ‘They’re still enthusiastic, and they bring incredible performances. They’re two of the cornerstones of the show. Over the years, we’ve brought in Bill Spencer and his sons Liam and Wyatt [Darin Brooks]. We’ve aged Steffy [Jacqueline MacInnes Wood]. Not long ago, they felt like newcomers, and now they’re mainstays of the show. We have Annika Noelle, who is incredible. We’ve been fortunate in our casting with not only talented people but people who are loyal to their characters and to the show.”

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The future of ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’

In May 2020, The Bold and the Beautiful was renewed for two more seasons, taking it through its 35th season, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“For over three decades, The Bold and the Beautiful has been a cornerstone of the CBS Daytime lineup,” Amy Reisenbach, executive vp current programs at CBS, said Wednesday in a statement at the time of renewal. “The show has been a creative and ratings success due to the supremely talented cast, writers and producers that Brad Bell has assembled. Of course, none of this would have been possible without B&B’s dedicated fans, whose passion for these characters and stories is unsurpassed. We are delighted to be able to continue to offer them a daily look into the romances and rivalries between the Forrester, Logan and Spencer families.”

“I am thrilled to dive into years 34 and 35 of The Bold and the Beautiful,” added Bradley Bell. “We are grateful to Amy Reisenbach and everyone at CBS for their incredible commitment to the series. Of course, many thanks to our loyal fans who motivate us every day with their unending passion and enthusiasm.”

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.