‘The Bold and the Beautiful’: Is Katrina Bowden Leaving the Show?

The twist and turns of soap operas are what keeps fans tuning in year after year. Following the crazy storylines and multiple love triangles, viewers quickly form opinions of characters.

While some will be fan-favorites, others will have dedicated followers voicing their dissatisfaction on social media. Recently some fans have done just that, as they are not happy with Flo Fulton’s character development and taking her meddling too far. Flo is a character on the over 30-year running daytime drama, The Bold and the Beautiful.  

Being a widely watched soap opera, fans of the show have watched characters come and go over the years. So what is Flo Fulton’s fate with the recent fan dislike? 

Katrina Bowden on ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’

Katrina Bowden
Katrina Bowden | David Livingston/Getty Images

Katrina Bowden is a successful actress and is most widely recognized for being on the popular comedy series 30 Rock. In 2019, Bowden became one of the stars of CBS’ long-running drama The Bold and the Beautiful.

She stars as Flo Fulton Logan on the show, who fans often refer to as Felon Flo because of the menacing way Bowden’s character was first introduced. In early 2019, Flo arrived in Los Angeles by being part of a scheme of posing as a birth mother when Steffy Forrester wanted to adopt.

Dr. Reese Buckingham left out all the details to Flo that the child that would be given to Steffy was the stolen newborn of Hope Logan and Liam Spencer. After finding this out, Flo could not stand the guilt and eventually caved spilling the details of the baby switching scheme. 

While some fans felt this was enough to redeem Flo, others are not forgetting about the awful stunt she pulled anytime soon. Even the shocking truth of being part of the long-standing Bold and the Beautiful family, the Logans, was not enough to gain Bowden’s character more popularity. Flo’s mother came to town and revealed her true paternity of Flo Fulton being the biological daughter of Storm Logan.

This has changed Flo’s life in the city and relationships with other characters. Once the secret was revealed, Flo knew she had to get the stolen newborn reunited with her rightful parents. With the terrible and questionable things Flo has done since being on the show, many would not be upset to see her written off the show.

This is not the first time fans played a part in pushing for a character disappearing from The Bold and the Beautiful. We’ve recently seen this happen with Sally Spectra

Sally Spectra’s downward spiral 

Entering The Bold and the Beautiful as a strong and determined woman, Courtney Hope’s character Sally Spectra seemed to be a hit. However, the writers had a change of personality for Sally that fans were not happy about at all.

Sally went from determined and career-focused to being more interested in her next relationship and trying to make the set-up for failure relationship with Wyatt work. She even went as far as attacking Wyatt’s intermittent girlfriend Flo and faking a terminal illness to try to win Wyatt for good. The plan failed, and once it was revealed her illness was fake, he told Sally that he wanted her to leave him alone permanently.  

Then, on August 3, 2020, we found out about Hope’s departure from The Bold and the Beautiful from her Instagram post. 

Flo could have the same fate as Spectra on ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’


‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Fans Want to Know: What Happened to Sally?

With Sally’s quick exit after her downward spiral and vocal, unhappy fans, many wonder if Flo could face the same fate. Flo’s manipulation has been taken too far too many times, and fans are voicing their opinion on social media. However, she does have some supporters on Twitter.  

Whether you love or hat Flo Fulton, only time will tell how long she continues on The Bold and the Beautiful