‘The Bold and the Beautiful’: Is Liam Just Jealous of Steffy’s New Man?

Some of the things that make soap operas enjoyable are the love triangles and affairs. The Bold and the Beautiful has given fans precisely that in all the decades it’s been on air. The latest love triangle involves Steffy Forrester, her ex Liam and her new love interest Dr. John Finnegan.

While many fans of the show might have hoped for a happy ending for Steffy and Liam, their relationship always seems complicated. Unfortunately, they never seem to figure anything out. Liam has moved on with Hope Logan, and things might just be looking up for Steffy on her journey to finding love.

But is Liam really over Steffy? Read on to find out why fans feel as if Liam is jealous of Steffy’s new man.

Steffy and Liam have been separated for a while now

Scott Clifton (Liam) and Annika Noelle (Hope).
Scott Clifton (Liam) and Annika Noelle (Hope). | Robert Voets/CBS via Getty Images)

Steffy and Liam enjoyed what seemed to have been a blissful marriage until Liam began suspecting his wife of having an affair. It is worth noting that there has always been another woman in Liam’s life, Hope Logan.

Hope and Steffy would take on the same path their mothers took (for Ridge Forrester’s affection) and fight for the affection and attention of one man, Liam. Liam has always had trouble deciding whom of the two women he should commit to. In their 2012 Australian wedding, fans thought that Liam had finally decided to spend his life with Steffy.

Steffy and Liam’s relationship has always been complicated with many breakups and reunions. After Liam suspected Steffy of cheating on him, with Bill, he left her pregnant and got back with Hope. However, Wyatt made it clear that Bill had tried to manipulate Liam by lying of his alleged fling with Steffy.

Steffy eventually realized that Liam would always have trouble choosing between her and Hope and decided to let go. She gave him her blessing to marry Hope, thus choosing herself. Steffy and Liam ended up divorcing.

Steffy might have found love with a new man

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Recent clips of the CBS soap indicate that Steffy Forrester might have found love with a doctor. According to Soap Dirt, Steffy met Dr. Finnegan after Bill conveniently caused a motorcycle accident. Bill hits her with his car and calls 911 to come to pick her up after panicking.

Once in the ER, Bill calls Steffy’s father, Ridge, to come to the hospital. Ridge finds Dr. Finnegan already taking care of his daughter and thus begins a new romance within the show. After Steffy checks out of the hospital, Dr. Finnegan, also called Finn, pays her house visits to check up on her.

Hope, happy that Steffy finally has a new man in her life, tells Liam of Finn and Steffy’s budding romance. This, however, doesn’t sit well with Liam, and once again, Liam’s jealousy shows its ugly head, proving to fans that things might not end well for all involved.

Could Liam be jealous of Steffy’s new love interest

Liam and Steffy have always shared a unique bond. They’ve been lovers before, friends, and are co-parents to their daughter Kelly Spencer. In one way or the other, the two are always going to be connected. A new man in Steffy’s life is bound to make Liam a tad bit curious.

Liam begins paying Steffy frequent visits in the façade of checking up on her to ensure she’s recovering well. However, fans speculate that all that is because Liam is jealous of having another man in Steffy’s life. Liam’s jealousy towards Dr. Finn also stems from his fear of having another man become Kelly’s father.

Liam’s interference in her love life is bound to get Steffy irritated at some point, and fans have always expressed their interest whenever Steffy proves that she can stand up for herself. Although Dr. Finn has proved that his intentions are pure, Liam’s jealousy is, at some point, going to ruin his relationship with Hope.

However, fans would love to see Liam stick by Hope’s side and let Steffy find love just as he did with Hope.