‘The Bold and the Beautiful’: Is Zende Just Trying to Make Zoe Jealous With Paris?

Soap operas love a good love triangle…or in the instance of The Bold and the Beautiful, a good old love quadrangle. The Buckingham sisters look like they are caught in between a Forrester and Carter Walton on the CBS soap opera and things might actually get ugly.

Kiara Barnes and Delon de Metz on 'The Bold and the Beautiful
Kiara Barnes and Delon de Metz on ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ | Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

A love quadrangle including two sisters is forming on ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’

Late last year, Diamond White debuted on the show as Paris Buckingham, the younger sister of Zoe Buckingham and the other youngest daughter of Reese Buckingham. Paris arrived in town and immediately began to shake things up, even making waves in a possibly burgeoning relationship between her sister and Zende Forrester.

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There were always rumors that Zende and Zoe (who is in a relationship with Carter Walton) could get together and Paris would be an interloper. Most of this seems to be coming true, as Zoe has conflicted feelings for Zende, who now seems to be falling for her sister. Recently, Paris and Zende recently shared a kiss.

Here’s what actor Delon de Metz says about this storyline on the show

In a recent interview with Soap Opera Digest, de Metz opened up about the storyline and gave his thoughts on everything that’s going down.

According to the de Metz, he believes that there was an attraction between Zende and Paris from the jump when she first landed in town. “Paris wants to save the world and sees justice in whatever capacity she can,” he said. “It’s very refreshing for Zende, and it’s a very different note from what he is used to. That captures his eye.”

As for Zoe, he has “complicated” feelings for her and this certainly makes it all a complicated matter. Then, once you add Carter in all of this as a fourth party, it makes things even more murky.

“How do you sort out these complicated feelings, given the close proximity of the sisters — and then having Carter involved, his old friend?” questioned de Metz. “The dynamic is not a triangle. It’s a quadrangle, and there are all these different layers.”

However, de Metz doesn’t believe that his character had any ulterior motives in seemingly pushing things forward with Paris. For the actor, he doesn’t see this as a jealousy thing and thinks that it was a real reaction.

” “I think it was earnest,” he explained. “To be frank, I hadn’t really thought that or considered that, and playing it in the scenes, that thought never crossed my mind. I think, to Zende, that the chapter with Zoe was effectively closed when Paris came in. Of course, things get complicated, as they do on soaps [laughs], but it was not a jealousy factor. That is not what I was playing, and it’s not something I tried to inspire in Zoe. I think it’s really earnest in action between Zende and Paris, and it’s not something where I just want to run out the door because of all these other extenuating circumstances. It was genuine.”

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.