‘The Bold and the Beautiful’: Jacqueline MacInnes Wood Wants Steffy’s Twin Phoebe to Return

The Bold and the Beautiful‘s Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) has endured many tragedies. The biggest devastation was her twin sister Phoebe Forrester’s (MacKenzie Mauzy) death. Although it’s been 13 years since Phoebe’s death, her memory continues. Yet, fans often wonder if the character will make a miraculous return from the grave.

'The Bold and the Beautiful' actor Jacqueline MacInnes Wood wearing a blue and white striped dress; and sitting in the Forrester Creations office.
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‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Jacqueline MacInnes Wood supports a Phoebe Forrester return

In December 2008, Steffy and the rest of the Forrester said goodbye to Phoebe. The young lady’s death had a traumatic impact on Steffy. The Bold and the Beautiful fans will never forget Steffy breaking down at the morgue or almost falling off a balcony.

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While the family has moved on following the aftermath, viewers wonder if Phoebe will ever return. Soap opera fans know that characters often come back from the dead, so there’s a possibility the same can happen for Phoebe. Wood is supportive of Steffy’s twin returning, and in an interview with Soaps.com, says she’s up for playing the part.

“It would be so much fun. I would love doing that,” the actor enthused. Yet, playing a twin also comes with challenges. “It would be double the dialogue. But if it was a storyline that I knew was going to last for, let’s say, a few months rather than three years, then I’d want to go for it. If it went much longer than that, I don’t know. Balancing life and all of that would be a little difficult.”

Events leading to Phoebe Forrester’s death

Most of Phoebe and Steffy’s childhood was spent in boarding school on The Bold and the Beautiful. In July 2006, a teenage Phoebe returned home to reunite with Taylor Hayes (Krista Allen). Phoebe then begins a relationship with Rick Forrester (Jacob Young), much to Ridge Forrester’s (Thorsten Kaye) disapproval.

Phoebe and Rick continue their romance despite opposition from her family. However, she broke up with Rick after he cheated on her with Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson). Phoebe leaves town to go on tour with her band, and during her absence, he dates her mother and sister. Upon her return in December 2008, Phoebe is upset to learn about Rick’s antics.

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She confronts Rick, who tries to get away from her, yet Phoebe jumps in the car with him. She begins yelling and hitting Rick, making it difficult to concentrate on the road. He crashes the car and sustains minor injuries. Rick manages to walk to the Forrester mansion and bring Ridge to the scene.

Ridge cradles his daughter’s body and begs Phoebe to wake up. She briefly gains consciousness and sings to her father before dying in his arms.

Possible storylines for the character’s return

Phoebe is someone The Bold and the Beautiful fans would love to see return, and the door is open for a comeback. When and if Phoebe does pop back up, there will be plenty of storylines for her. With Taylor and Ridge reuniting, Phoebe’s return would complete the Tridge family.

As for love interests on the show, Phoebe can have her picks of Carter Walton (Lawrence Saint-Victor) or Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks). But she may cause trouble by going after Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) or her sister’s new husband, Dr. John “Finn” Finnegan (Tanner Novlan). Phoebe and Steffy’s bond would be tested as they fought over the same man.