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Sheila Carter is one of the evilest villains in soap opera history. Her run on The Bold and the Beautiful and its sister show, The Young and the Restless, has made her one to watch out for. Sheila has no friends, and anytime she arrives in town, destruction is sure to follow.

One of her many victims is Brooke Logan, who fell off the wagon in her recovery process thanks to the vixen. Brooke’s portrayer, Katherine Kelly Lang, said she would love to have a fight scene with Sheila’s actor, Kimberlin Brown.

Katherine Kelly Lang wants to fight Kimberlin Brown on ‘B&B’

Sheila added Brooke to her list of victims when she switched Brooke’s nonalcoholic champagne for an alcoholic one, causing Brooke to fall off the wagon on her sobriety journey. Longtime The Bold and the Beautiful fans know about Brooke’s alcoholism, which she overcame with Deacon’s help.

Sheila’s scheme set in motion a chain of chaotic events. Brooke got drunk and kissed Deacon while her husband Ridge was out of town. Her grandson, Douglas Forrester, saw the entire thing and told on her, which ended her marriage to Ridge.

Brooke, at first, didn’t know why she got drunk but later learned that it was all Sheila’s doing. In an interview with Michael Fairman on his YouTube channel, Katherine Kelly Lang revealed that she yearns for a fight scene with her onscreen nemesis Sheila, played by Brown.

“I would love for a scene with Kimberlin like that. I think we’re due for definitely it. Like a good soap opera fight,” Lang remarked. The actor thought it would be fun for the two former friends to get in the ring because of their history and past friendship. “I think it would be great. I’d love that,” Lang said.

Inside Brooke and Sheila’s tumultuous past

'The Bold and the Beautiful' Katherine Kelly Lang, executive producer Bradley Phillip Bell, and Kimberlin Brown
‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ (L to R): Katherine Kelly Lang, Executive Producer Bradley Phillip Bell, and Kimberlin Brown | Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

Brooke and Sheila started off on the wrong foot when the vixen manipulated Brooke’s son’s DNA test, hoping to have Eric to herself. However, they got close when Brooke took over Forrester Creations and offered Sheila a job, but in true Sheila fashion, she and Brooke had a falling out when she abducted Brooke and Ridge’s family.

After receiving treatment for her mental health, Sheila tried to revive her friendship with Brooke, and for a while, they were good friends, with Sheila even poisoning Stephanie when she learned that Brooke’s mother-in-law wanted to take away her friend’s kids. Brooke and Sheila had another falling out after Sheila kidnapped Brooke and Ridge and almost killed Ridge in a fire.

Kimberlin Brown might not be done playing Sheila just yet


‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Speculation: Sheila Isn’t Done Destroying Brooke’s Life

Kimberlin Brown joined the B&B fold in 1990 as the villainous and scorned Sheila, playing the role for nearly two decades. She exited the role when her character had plastic surgery to resemble Phyllis Summers, with Michelle Stafford taking over.

In true soap opera fashion, the cosmetic enhancements were miraculously reversed, and Sheila resumed her original appearance, with Brown appearing in a recurring role from 2017 until 2018. Brown reprised the role in 2021 when her character interrupted Finn and Steffy’s wedding, declaring herself Finn’s biological mother.

Sheila wanted to reclaim lost years of mother and son bonding, claiming she’d changed. However, Steffy saw through the act, and in an altercation, Sheila shot Finn and Steffy. Sheila was eventually arrested but managed to escape prison with inside help, locating the barely alive Finn and running his mother Li off the road.

After Finn’s escape, Sheila went into hiding, faking her own death and moving in with Deacon, going so far as to blackmail him for protection. Sheila’s role has since significantly reduced, which has led to speculation that Brown may be leaving the role once more. However, there has been no news about Sheila’s exit, meaning she may have more tricks up her sleeve.