‘The Bold and the Beautiful’: Kiara Barnes Will Exit Summer 2021 to Film New Series

Kiara Barnes might not be a household name, but The Bold and the Beautiful fans will tell you how much Zoe has meant to them since 2018.

The unknown actress quickly became one of the series’ most beloved characters when she entered the scene in 2018. However, Barnes is moving on to other things in a Fantasy role that could be her next big break in show business. 

‘The Bold and the Beautiful’: Who is Kiara Barnes? 

Kiara Barnes as Zoe Buckingham
Kiara Barnes as Zoe Buckingham | Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

As IMDB notes, Barnes wasn’t an established name when she joined The Bold and the Beautiful. Her role as Zoe was Barnes’ big breakout in the movie industry. Before that, she was an utter unknown. Barnes gives occasional interviews but mostly stays away from the limelight. However, to fans of The Bold and the Beautiful who have followed her journey, the next chapter might be the one where she takes on a more prominent cultural role. 

Barnes has mostly stayed inside her soap opera, with only a pair of television appearances and some interviews away from the series. That’s going to change later this year when Fantasy Island premieres on Fox. Unfortunately for Bold fans, that means a departure from the show that put Barnes on the map. 

Zoe’s ‘Bold and Beautiful’ Journey

Barnes has only been on the series for three years, but she’s already taken by the journey she experienced. After all, any prominent soap opera figure will be put through the wringer from day one. As such, the three years on the show supplied a lifetime of drama that Zoe viewed as a fascinating character study in a 2020 interview with Soap Opera Digest

It’s been great to play so many different highs and lows for a character and get into the headspace of her past — coming from London to save her relationship; that relationship being rocky; then going through the baby drama and then all that blowing up; then having a moment of hope with Thomas, and having that blow-up…. Enduring all that has matured Zoe. I’m hoping for good things for her in the future,” she told the publication. 

Zoe came in as a minor character, but Barnes helped flesh her out thanks to her ability to take whatever writers threw at her and give a surprisingly grounded performance on the set. This got the attention of other producers, who hope to give her best role yet on network television. 

What’s next for Kiara Barnes? 

Bold and the Beautiful fans may dread Barnes’ exit from the series, but her next role may make her a star. Barnes was cast in Fox’s upcoming reboot of the hit seventies series Fantasy Island. As one of the series regulars, Barnes can take what he has learned on soaps and expand it to a broader audience that, as a release collected by The Hollywood Reporter states, could play perfectly into the absurdity of her current work.

“Fantasy Island takes place at a luxury resort, where literally any fantasy requested by guests is fulfilled, although they rarely turn out as expected. Delving into the ‘what if’ questions — both big and small — that keep us awake at night, each episode will tell emotional, provocative stories about people who arrive with dreams and desires and depart enlightened and transformed through the magical realism of Fantasy Island.”

Fantasy Island was one of the biggest hits of the late 1970s and early eighties. It starred Ricardo Montalban as a millionaire who owns an island with mysterious powers that grant people their biggest wishes. Younger audiences may recognize the series for its 2020 horror treatment from Blumhouse. The original, however, was more of a drama, romance, mystery, and comedy. 

Barnes will continue through the summer, and while Zoe’s fate remains up in the air until her grand departure, they can look forward to her future work on Fantasy Island and whatever else is thrown her way. Little is known beyond her character name, Ruby Okoro, and her co-stars, Roselyn Sanchez and Rick Holmes.

Luckily, if Fantasy Island doesn’t work out, Barnes is leaving a genre with a solid past of bringing back the dearly departed regardless of the way they left the show. 

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