‘The Bold and the Beautiful’: How Many Times Has Deacon Been Married?

The Bold and the Beautiful‘s Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan) has his heart set on reuniting with Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang). Fans know about Deacon and Brooke’s torrid love affair, which has spanned nearly two decades and produced Hope Logan (Annika Noelle). Yet, Deacon has had other lovers throughout the years, some of whom he wed. Here’s a look at Deacon’s ex-wives.

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‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Deacon Sharpe’s first wife was Bridget Forrester

When Deacon first arrives on The Bold and the Beautiful, he schemes to win Amber Moore (Adrienne Frantz) from Rick Forrester (Jacob Young). However, when Deacon’s attempts fail, he seduces and marries Rick’s sister Bridget Forrester (Ashley Jones). Deacon and Bridget’s marriage infuriates her family, who try to split up the couple.

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Deacon gives up his quest for Amber and stays with Bridget but then cheats on her with Brooke. Deacon and Brooke try to keep their affair a secret, but Bridget overhears their conversation. Bridget divorces Deacon, and although she eventually forgives Brooke, their relationship is damaged from the betrayal.

Macy Alexander was his second wife

One failed marriage didn’t keep Deacon from walking down the aisle again. In 2003, Deacon fell in love with Macy Alexander (Bobbie Eakes). Deacon and Macy became friends when she helped him recover from alcoholism. With his life back on track, Macy encouraged him to seek custody of his children, Little Eric and Hope.

The couple marries and is granted custody of Little Eric. As they settle into their home life, Macy decides to reignite her singing career. However, during a performance at Oscar Marone’s (Brian Gaskell) nightclub, she’s injured when a chandelier falls on her. Macy slips into a coma with little hope of recovery, and Sally Spectra (Darlene Conley) takes her off life support.

Deacon Sharpe snagged this ‘The Young and the Restless’ leading lady

Like many of The Bold and the Beautiful characters, Deacon crossed over to The Young and the Restless. The notorious bad boy wooed many Genoa City women, including Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott). Deacon and Nikki’s relationship began when he offered assistance with her family problems and alcoholism. The two had an on-again, off-again affair, which Nikki’s family disapproved of.

Deacon blackmails Nikki into marriage by claiming he knows she killed Diane Jenkins (Maura West). However, Nikki annuls the marriage after learning Deacon lied about the night of Diane’s murder. Later the police discover Nikki killed Diane in self-defense, and Deacon bashed Diane’s skull to cover up the crime.

Found a bad girl in Quinn Fuller

Deacon returned several times on The Bold and the Beautiful, and in 2014 he became involved with Quinn Fuller (Rena Sofer). Their relationship was opposed by Hope and Brooke, who tried to stop their wedding. But their interruptions did little to persuade Deacon, who married Quinn.

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Deacon and Quinn became the show’s hottest new couple. One Reddit fan said the pairing, “they seemed to appreciate and understand each other, even their crackpot, sometimes violent tendencies.” Yet, as with many couples, Deacon and Quinn divorced but remained in each other’s lives.

Their relationship took a deadly turn when Quinn pushed Deacon off a cliff after he threatened to reveal she kidnapped Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton). Deacon survives the fall but isn’t done with Quinn. Their last appearance together came in June 2017 when Deacon reveals he’s the mystery shooter who’s been trying to kill. Before Deacon can finish the job, he’s arrested.