‘The Bold and the Beautiful’: Matthew Atkinson Knows Thomas Will Always Protect His Sister

Thomas Forrester is one of the few characters on The Bold and the Beautiful that most, if not all, viewers dislike. Before the casting of Matthew Atkinson to the role, Thomas wasn’t the menace that the show’s viewers have come to know.

The previous version of Thomas Forrester wasn’t necessarily a good guy, but Atkinson’s version has a stark contrast in who the character is, according to Soaps. Despite all the misdeeds that Thomas brings to the table, there is one thing that will always be a constant, his love for his sister Steffy.

Thomas has proven on numerous occasions that he would go to any lengths to protect his sister. This was made clear when he recently gave Liam his piece of mind to how Liam has been behaving towards Steffy and her new man.

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Matthew Atkinson | Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

Who is Matthew Atkinson?

John Matthew Atkinson was born on December 31, 1988, in Georgia. Atkinson’s family was always moving to several places, including Mississippi and Alabama. They eventually settled in Georgia, where Atkinson spent most of his childhood.

After high school, The Bold and the Beautiful star relocated to Atlanta for college and pursued his acting career. Atkinson’s first credited acting gig was on One Tree Hill. He has also appeared in The Blind Side and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Atkinson is mostly known from the series Jane by Design, where he plays Nick Fadden. He is also not new to soap operas as he has appeared in The Young and the Restless. In 2019, Atkinson became a cast member of the hit soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful.

Thomas called out Liam on his invasive behavior

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Fans of the show have witnessed Steffy going on a roller-coaster of emotions as she battled with Hope Logan for Liam’s affection. Steffy eventually decided to give up on Liam and gave him her blessing to marry Hope.

After getting into an accident, Steffy was taken to the ER, where she met a handsome doctor who took care of her until she recovered. Since then, Dr. Finnegan began paying Steffy house visits to check up on her, and fans could see some sparks flying between the two.

After all her misery, it seems Steffy is beginning to find love in someone new. However, Liam, her ex-husband, is getting jealous of her budding romance with the doctor. He started dropping by Steffy’s house, uninvited and snooping around suspiciously.

Liam’s behavior was particularly uncalled for since Dr. Finnegan hasn’t done anything that would prove that he has sinister motives towards Steffy.

Thomas, Steffy’s brother, eventually got tired of Liam’s invasive questioning about Steffy’s love interest and called him out on his behavior. Thomas told Liam that he sounds jealous of Steffy’s new man and that he should stop snooping around and let her live her life since she has been unhappy for a long time.

Fan reactions to Thomas’ lecture to Liam and Atkinson’s tweet on the same

Matthew Atkinson, the actor who plays Thomas, tweeted the argument, and fans were ecstatic about the conversation. Atkinson stated that he knows that Thomas will always be protective of his younger sister. Many fans of the hit show The Bold and the Beautiful had hoped that Liam could finally settle down with Hope and make her happy.

Therefore, they felt that the lecture that Thomas gave Liam was long overdue. Many fans had begun noticing that Liam was jealous of Steffy’s new man, and it seems Thomas, Steffy’s brother, had noticed it too. Many Twitter users uploaded the lecture, and many felt that Liam’s invasiveness had begun getting on their nerves.