‘The Bold and the Beautiful’: Matthew Atkinson Wants Thomas to Strike Out on His Own

Thomas Forrester hasn’t always been a good seed. The Bold and the Beautiful character has been in several controversies in the past, and when he returned to town, many people thought he’d changed and even rooted for him to win at some point.

'The Bold and the Beautiful' actors Matthew Atkinson as Thomas Forrester and Jacqueline MacInnes Wood as Steffy Forrester
Matthew Atkinson as Thomas Forrester and Jacqueline MacInnes Wood as Steffy Forrester | Adam Torgerson/CBS via Getty Images

However, Thomas proved a leopard never changes its spots when he framed Brooke for calling CPS. As punishment for the deed, Thomas got fired from Forrester Creations and his portrayer Matthew Atkinson now says he wants Thomas to strike out on his own.

Thomas was on a good path before framing Brooke

The Bold and the Beautiful fans know about Thomas’s sordid past. The last time he was in town, he left a path of destruction, and his sins forced him out of town. When he returned, Thomas insisted he’d changed and wanted a second chance, and everyone felt he needed a redemption arc.

He even began seeking custody of his son Douglas. However, his winning streak was muddied when he took it upon himself to break up his father’s marriage by faking a CPS call on himself. Thomas felt the only way he could get his parents, Ridge and Taylor, together would be to get Brooke out of the way.

So he used a voice-changing app to call Child Protective Services on himself, leading to Ridge divorcing Brooke and proposing to Taylor. However, Douglas knew about the scheme and warned Thomas about it, asking him to come clean.

His lies eventually caught up with him after Steffy found out and blew the lid wide open. Thomas lost custody of Douglas and became estranged from his family. To make matters worse, he was fired from his family’s company even after apologizing for his actions.

Matthew Atkinson wants Thomas to break out on his own

Thomas’s reputation is now sullied in the fashion world, and not many people may be willing to touch him with a 10-foot pole. His affiliation with his family’s company might have worked well for him before, but now without their backing, the Forrester will have to find new ways to make it in the world.

Thomas has proven he has what it takes to be a successful fashion designer. Before his shenanigans, he made his family’s company millions of dollars with the Hope for the Future line he and Hope worked on. While Hope only lent her name to the line, Thomas’s genius ensured they had something to show the world.

In an episode of Bold Live, Atkinson said he thinks it may be time for his character to strike out on his own. Atkinson wants Thomas to go head-to-head with his family in a fashion war. “I see every reason for Thomas to maybe sideline, start his own fashion company or do something that is more as an antithesis to Forrester Creations and his family so he can fight his family,” Atkinson said.

Matthew Atkinson thinks Thomas’s redemption may be ‘through a darker path’


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Atkinson played the devil’s advocate when discussing his character, arguing that Thomas had every right to be pissed off at his father, and rightfully so. When Ridge left Brooke for Taylor, he assured her he was in love with her and that it had nothing to do with Brooke. However, when Thomas’ deception came to light, he quickly backed out, hurting Taylor again.

Atkinson believes it may be time for Thomas to get something of his own started, and while it may not necessarily be for revenge, he thinks it would give his character some redemption. “There’s always a way to redemption,” Atkinson noted, but for his character, he thinks it may be “through a darker path.”