‘The Bold and the Beautiful’: Matthew Atkinson’s Recent Performance Has Fans Hooked

Soap operas are known for their intense storylines and never-ending love triangles. Many may wonder how daytime television keeps their fans engaged after such similar storylines. After over 30 years on the air, The Bold and the Beautiful knows the secret by keeping viewers tuning in with their unique twists and surprising casting selections. While Thomas Forrester is one of the most recast characters on The Bold and the Beautiful, many would agree that Matthew Atkinson‘s portrayal offers top-notch performances. 

Matthew Atkinson smiling in front of a white background
Matthew Atkinson | Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

Recap on Matthew Atkinson

As a talented actor, it’s not surprising that Atkinson has seen success in both TV and movies. Born in Marietta, Georgia, he later moved to Los Angeles, California to follow his acting dream. His determination and hard work to become a successful actor has paid off.

Atkinson made his TV debut on the popular WB/CW series, One Tree Hill, and later made appearances on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Drop Dead Diva. He has portrayed characters on several ABC series, including one of his most notable roles as Nick Fadden in Jane by Design. Atkinson also scored a part in the award-winning film The Blind Side.

Atkinson first appeared in the soap opera world as Austin Travers on The Young and the Restless. After a short break from the daytime soaps, Atkinson has become a regular cast member on The Bold and the Beautiful. He first portrayed Thomas Forrester on B&B in 2019, and fans continue to be impressed with his convincing dramatic acting skills.  

Thomas Forrester’s recent ex obsessions 

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On The Bold and the Beautiful, Atkinson plays prodigal son, Thomas Forrester. Often labeled as one of the most wicked characters in the soap opera world, it takes a skilled actor to play Thomas successfully. Since casting Atkinson as Thomas, his character has become a more scheming and evil version than previously seen on the show. However, nobody expected him to go from a menacing, widely disliked character to someone battling a severe illness. In the recent season, fans watched as Thomas suffered a mental downward spiral and became more detached from reality. 

With coronavirus (COVID-19) precautions, many soap operas began using mannequins for scenes that required cast members to be close. However, B&B took in a step further by incorporating a mannequin as part of a storyline. Thomas took home a mannequin that looks like his ex, Hope Logan, from the design house he works. While he first brought home the Hope doll to help cope with his breakup, it quickly became apparent it was more. Liam Spencer, Hope’s husband, was the most worried about Thomas’s mental state after catching Thomas with the Hope lookalike mannequin. However, Steffy (Thomas’ sister), Hope, and Dr. John “Finn” Finnegan thought it was nothing to take seriously. However, it is now obvious that it was much worse, as Thomas’s hallucinations manifested and he ended up in the hospital.

Fans can’t get enough of Atkinson’s acting skills

While Thomas Forrester has never been a fan-favorite character on B&B, fans still can’t deny Atkinson’s acting skills when portraying Thomas on the show. Many have taken to Twitter to show their support of his handling of the twists and turns of Thomas’s mental spiral. One Twitter user said that Atkinson adds depth and brings serious acting chops in the storyline. Many others agree that a less experienced actor wouldn’t be able to carry this unique storyline in the same way as Atkinson.

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.