‘The Bold and the Beautiful’: Who Is Mike Guthrie?

Mike Guthrie (Ken Hanes) is the latest character to return to The Bold and the Beautiful. In the June 9 episode, longtime viewers were stunned to see Mike, the loyal friend of villain Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown). As luck would have it, Mike was a guard at Sheila’s prison and helped her escape. As Sheila’s storyline heats up, let’s look at the history of her accomplice.

'The Bold and the Beautiful' character Mike Guthrie has been part of the cast on and off since 1993.
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Mike Guthrie first appeared on ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ in 1993

The Bold and the Beautiful writers introduced Mike in 1993 as a security guard working at Forrester Creations. Mike gets on Sheila’s bad side when he catches her switching Bridget Forrester’s (Ashley Jones) paternity test results. Mike blackmailed Sheila by threatening to tell the Forresters; however, she retaliated by sicing a Doberman on him.

Mike and Sheila then became partners in crime; their next devious plot involved kidnapping James Warwick (Ian Buchanan). Later, when Sheila was competing with Maggie Forrester (Barbara Crampton) for James’ affections, Mike kidnapped Maggie so Sheila could have James. However, Sheila later ordered Mike to release Maggie.

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James eventually turned on Sheila and helped Maggie kidnap her. During captivity, Sheila flirted with Mike in an attempt to get free, but her efforts failed. Sheila then managed to escape and reunite with James. Afterward, Mike disappeared and wouldn’t resurface for a while.

Mike’s next return came in 2010 to help Stephen Logan (Patrick Duffy) get revenge on Stephanie Forrester (Susan Flannery). Stephen blamed Stephanie for his wife Beth Logan’s (Robin Riker) death and purchased a gun from Mike. Stephen’s plan involved getting Stephanie’s sister Pam Douglas (Alley Mills) to shoot her. However, Stephen’s plan backfired on him.

Ken Hanes plays Mike Guthrie

New and old fans are getting a glimpse of Mike’s sneaky side on The Bold and the Beautiful. Mike’s become an important player in Sheila and John “Finn” Finnegan’s (Tanner Novlan) storyline. Hanes’ portrayal of the loyal yet conflicted accomplice is intriguing to viewers.

Hanes has played Mike on and off since 1993. According to IMDB.com, Hanes’ previous credits before his soap opera fame include films like The Perfect Weapon and Moonstalker. Other notable roles include TV shows like Ringer and movies such as Ice Cream Man and Richie Rich’s Christmas Wish.

What’s next for the security guard on ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’?

Mike’s friendship with Sheila is tested on The Bold and the Beautiful. After helping her escape from prison, Mike’s now assisting with keeping her son Finn held hostage. Although Mike would do anything for Sheila, he feels it’s wrong keeping Finn from his wife, Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood). Between Finn’s pleas for help and seeing Sheila going mad, Mike is contemplating turning on his friend.

Mike’s decision might already be made when he lands himself in handcuffs. According to Soaps.com, spoilers reveal Mike’s arrest might have him reaching his breaking point. With Finn’s life in danger, it’ll take a miracle to rescue him from Sheila. Could Mike turn Sheila in to save Finn?

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