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Carter Walton has been an integral part of The Bold and The Beautiful cast since 2013. However, his love life mainly fell flat compared to other characters on the show, and fans called out the writers for it.

Recently, Carter has found himself intertwined with three women all at once, and while it’s interesting to see him get some actions, fans still feel the show has missed the mark when paring him. His and Paris’s romance had fans feeling nauseated.

'The Bold and the Beautiful' actor Lawrence Saint-Victor as Carter Walton
Lawrence Saint-Victor as Carter Walton | Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

Fans are nauseated with the Paris and Carter romance

Paris and Carter became friends when she declined Zende’s proposal. She began confiding in him, and they got cozy with one another. On New Year’s Eve, the younger Buckingham sister decided to try her luck with the handsome character who didn’t pull away when Paris kissed him.

They began seeing each other, but fans have been vocal about their distaste for the two and their romance. Many fans have continuously expressed how Carter and Paris’s chemistry feels forced, with many calling for the fans to give the lawyer a much better love interest.

The show recently took to Twitter to express their love for Carter and Paris with a post that received so much ire from the fandom. The tweet showcased a GIF of Carter approaching Paris for a kiss.

The comment section was full of GIFs expressing how much fans don’t want the pairing. One fan posted a GIF of Thomas warning the show’s writers to “Stop it.”

One user posted a GIF of someone vomiting, saying, “Me right now.” Another GIF consisted of a character from another show saying “EW.” Another fan said, “Paris and Carter are nauseating.”

Fan pairings of Carter and Paris

While fans have asked the writers to give the Paris and Carter romance a rest, some have offered pairings that they feel would the two characters would be better off with. For a while, fans have felt Paris and Zende are better suited for one another. Their romance felt authentic, and they understood one another.

As for Carter, fans feel his fling with Quinn was the best thing to happen to the show in a while. The two bonded due to mutual loneliness and began one of the hottest affairs in soap history, and fans have wanted them together since they first hooked up.

However, Quinn was a married woman, and she was loyal to Eric. Fans also suggested Carter had chemistry with Katie, and fans wanted B&B to explore that avenue over Paris. Katie is currently undergoing relationship issues, and her confiding in Carter makes for the best approach as all of his relationships have begun that way, not to mention that they have been friends for a while.

Where Carter and Paris stand today


‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Fans Are Hoping Quinn and Carter Will Hook Up Again

Fans are thrilled to see that Carter and Paris’ wedding was a complete disaster — for Paris. Quinn’s interruption was all Carter needed to leave Paris at the altar. It’s unlikely it will be smooth sailing for the couple moving forward, given Quinn still has an attachment to Eric, despite his affair. Only time will tell what’s coming for the two, but fans will enjoy the pair as long as it lasts.