‘The Bold and the Beautiful’: Paris’ Style Signals a New Era of Fashion Is Here

The Bold and the Beautiful has been on the air since 1987, and fans feel like it’s getting a little dated. The plotlines are focused on love triangles, wild plotlines with mannequins, the fashion looks like it’s due for an update, and everyone is tired of finding out who the real father is. There’s hope, however, for Paris Buckingham might be about to bring the change that everyone has been waiting for.

Diamond White speaking into a microphone on 'Empire'
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Paris made quite the splash

Soaps in Depth reports that a new character has made her way onto The Bold and the Beautiful, and she’s already making waves. Paris Buckingham, played to perfection by Diamond White, brought a splash of color to the show with her bright pink hair.

On another show, this wouldn’t have created such a stir, but this is an unconventional look for The Bold and the Beautiful and the famous Forrester Creations, which is more known for its formal wear. Even though she is the daughter of Reese Buckingham, it is already clear that Paris plays by her own rules. What this means for the future of the show remains to be seen, but fans are eager to see more.

While it appeared Paris might be set to be in a love triangle with Zende Forrester and Zoe Buckingham, that remains to be seen. As excited as fans are to see Paris join the show, they aren’t thrilled with the prospect of yet another love triangle.

Fans are tired of love triangles

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Love triangles seem to be the bread and butter of The Bold and the Beautiful. Just when fans think their favorite pair will finally have their happily ever after, someone is either written off, or one of the characters cheats. It’s exciting at first, but for fans who have stuck by The Bold and the Beautiful for so many years, it’s starting to become tiresome. That’s why no one is excited about the prospect of a love triangle with Paris’ character.

While it would be great to see Zende finally find someone of his own, instead of having to watch Zoe hanging on his best friend’s arm, some fans are hoping that he gets to find love with Paris. That’s probably not going to happen, however. Some think that while Zoe seems happy enough with her boyfriend Carter Walton, it might not last.

Whether this results in Zoe ending things with Carter remains to be seen, but it’s a possibility. There has been an undeniable chemistry between her and Zende, after all. And Zoe doesn’t like seeing Zende with Paris. In fact, Zoe has already warned Paris away from Zende. Now, why would she do that unless she thinks something is going to happen between her and Zende in the future?

Since this isn’t Zende’s first time being in a triangle with sisters, it feels like a reused plotline. Hopefully, Paris will breathe new life into the show in other ways.

Paris could bring a new era of fashion to ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’

Paris has already stated that she went to college to be a social worker, but some are hopeful that she will switch her career choice to fashion, or even modeling. The show needs a major update, and Paris is already standing out in a good way.

With her brightly colored hair, piercings, colorful eyeliner, and style influenced by ’90s era fashions and modern streetwear, she’s the perfect person to change things up on The Bold and the Beautiful. While Paris has planned for a career in social work, there is always time for a career change— or even a consulting role. While the fashion industry the series follows is focused largely on formalwear, the demand for that time of clothing in the real world has shrunk, and fans have wanted to see something new in fashion for a while now.

While it is unknown if Paris will be making a career change or if her style will bring a new era to the fashion world, she’s sure to continue making waves and adding some much-needed color to the decades-old series.