‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Recap: Bill Tries to Help Li

The Bold and the Beautiful recap for July 22, 2022, was filled with lots of suspense. A lot happened from Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) losing her patience to Li Finnegan’s (Naomi Matsuda) return. Here’s what occurred during Friday’s episode.

'The Bold and the Beautiful' recap for July 22, 2022 has Bill playing hero to Li.
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‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ recaps says that Ridge Forrester and Taylor Hayes worry about their daughter

Taylor Hayes (Krista Allen) is reeling from the news about Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) as The Bold and the Beautiful starts. Taylor tells Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) that she thought Steffy was doing well but was putting on a strong front. Ridge says he wants to talk to Steffy, but Taylor tells him the doctor recommends Steffy don’t have any contact at the moment.

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Ridge suggests they fly to Monaco to be with Steffy, and Taylor is surprised by his idea. The discussion then turns to Steffy and Finn (Tanner Novlan). Taylor says that Finn was the love of Steffy’s life and recalls how he always made Steffy happy. Taylor wonders what if things were different and Finn was alive.

An enraged Finn lashes out at Sheila Carter

Finn is in disbelief after Sheila tells him Li’s dead. He blames her for Li’s death, but Sheila claims Li crashed the car on her own. Finn says that Sheila was chasing after Li, and Sheila replies she did it to protect both of them from jail. An upset Finn says Li was a good woman, but Sheila points out that Li made everyone believe he was dead.

The two continue to argue as Finn says Li is his mother and Sheila is a psycho who just gave birth to him. Sheila becomes enraged and warns Finn not to speak like that. Finn then asks about Steffy, and Sheila informs him that she’s out of town. He doesn’t believe her and asks to call Steffy, but Sheila says she can’t.

Finn worries that Sheila hurt Steffy, and he needs to be with his wife. He begins getting out of bed as Sheila tries to subdue him. As she tries to calm him, Finn yells, “You killed my mom.”

‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ recap reveals Bill Spencer rescues Li Finnegan

In the alley, a frightened Li backs away as Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) approaches. He soothingly assures her he’s not going to hurt her and is here to help. When he holds out his hand, Li takes it.

Bill brings Li home, where he gives her a blanket and a cup of tea. Li is scared and doesn’t say a word. Bill tells her his name and promises she’s safe in his home. He says he’s a friend, someone she can trust.

He asks Li her name, but she doesn’t respond. Li perks up at the words when he asks if she has any family or children. Sensing he’s making progress, Bill asks if she has a son, and Li lights up. Bill asks if she can tell him her son’s name, and Li tries to talk as the episode ends.

It was an exciting week, and next week promises to be exceptional. According to Soaps.com, The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal Finn is getting closer to being rescued.

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