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When actors take on a role, that character actually becomes their alter ego. In a sense, the person that the actor or actress portrays becomes an extension of them, but even so, it doesn’t mean that they agree with everything that their alter ego says and does. As we all know, storylines and situations on The Bold and the Beautiful can change at the drop of a hat, and it seems that with Liam, this is exactly the way things are happening lately.

The character on the show, portrayed by Scott Clifton, has been going through so much in recent months, and a lot of dedicated viewers have mixed feelings about the way that he has been behaving lately. Even Clifton himself doesn’t seem all too thrilled with Liam’s actions, and it turns out that he has taken to social media to express his feelings. For those who haven’t heard, Scott Clifton recently told fans “I want to choke Liam”.

Scott Clifton and his character, Liam

Scott Clifton
Scott Clifton | Cliff Lipson/CBS via Getty Images

Clifton began his stint on The Bold and the Beautiful in 2010. The handsome actor also dabbles in music and according to liveabout, he has quite a few acting credits to his name.

In addition to several roles on daytime soaps, fans will also recognize him from primetime shows such as Judging Amy, Undressed, and Roswell. When it comes to his character on The Bold and the Beautiful, Clifton was the first actor ever to take on the role of William Spencer III, who is more familiar to fans as Liam.

Soap Central reports that the character has had many wives during his time on the show, including Steffy, Ivy, and Hope. Liam has dealt with quite a bit in the past decade, having come to Los Angeles after the death of his mother, Kelly, in order to find his biological father. The drama has surrounded him ever since, and we have seen him involved in paternity battles, love triangles, and various health issues as well.

Fans agree that they hate Liam

There are times when a television character just rubs fans the wrong way, and it would appear that Liam does just that. So, why do fans dislike him so much? According to Soaps, it is mostly because of his web of lies and deceit. He can’t seem to decide between Hope and Steffy and hasn’t exactly been faithful in his current marriage.

In fact, it seems that Liam doesn’t hesitate to cheat on whomever he is in a relationship with, and viewers just can’t stand the fact that he is not at all trustworthy. As if that weren’t enough, he also seems to be extremely hypocritical, being unfaithful to everyone but chastising Hope for kissing Thomas.

Scott Clifton tells fans that he wants to choke Liam


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While some might think that any actor would defend the character that they play, when it comes to Liam, Clifton actually did the opposite. He actually told fans that he was pretty angry, taking to social media to let everyone know exactly how he felt.

What did Clifton have to say? According to his Twitter account, he says that “For the record: OF COURSE I want to choke Liam as much as y’all do. He’s become a terrible person. But my job is to find a way to motivate and humanize Liam’s choices. I can’t change the story our writers want to tell; I can only try my best to make it evocative and real.”

Fans have to agree, saying that although Clifton is excellent at playing the character, they don’t agree with his actions and storylines, and he is not a fan favorite.