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Sheila Carter’s (Kimberlin Brown) crime spree continues on The Bold and the Beautiful. Viewers knew it was a matter of time before someone became a victim of Sheila’s dangerous games. Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) pushed her mother-in-law to her breaking point, which resulted in a tragic ending.

[Spoiler alert: Potential spoilers for upcoming episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful are up ahead.]

'The Bold and the Beautiful' actor Kimberlin Brown wearing a navy blue suit and standing in front of a brown backdrop.
Kimberlin Brown I Jeff Katz /Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images

Sheila Carter shoots Finn on ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’

Since Sheila’s return to The Bold and the Beautiful in August 2021, she’s been creating havoc for her son Dr. John “Finn” Finnegan (Tanner Novlan). Sheila’s desire to be in Finn’s life didn’t go well with Steffy. Given Sheila’s unsavory past, it’s understandable why she wants Sheila away from her family.

After learning about Sheila’s latest scheme involving Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang), Steffy is more determined than ever to be rid of Sheila. The two women finally confronted each other in an alley behind II Giardino. Steffy threatened to expose her secret during their argument and kick her out of Finn’s life. Steffy’s threat was enough to trigger Sheila’s temper.

Sheila pulled a gun from her purse, ready to shoot Steffy; however, Finn arrived in time to save his wife. Unfortunately, the bullet hit Finn, who died, much to the shock of Steffy, Sheila, and fans.

‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ fans react to Finn’s death

The April 1st episode of The Bold and the Beautiful was explosive. Sheila accidentally shooting Finn will go down as one of the most shocking moments of the year. Fans are already chiming in with their reactions on social media. On a Reddit thread, viewers speculated on the doctor’s demise.

“Wow! I was not expecting this,” wrote one viewer.

“Oh well, Finn is dead, I am sure. What a joke. Just to get Liam back with Steffy in no time,” wrote one fan. 

“Ok, that’s a red herring, right? No way that really happened,” another commenter chimed in.

“Does anyone out there think that it might be an April’s Fool joke by the writers and it will all be a dream someone had? Like Monday Steffy will wake up and say she had a nightmare about Sheila?” asked one viewer.

“I would not be shocked if this is an April’s Fool episode,” another user replied.

Could there be a twist in the story?

Since Finn’s death occurred on April 1st, The Bold and the Beautiful fans are skeptical if this is real. The producers have been teasing an upcoming twist that would be upsetting and change the course of the show. Finn’s death is alarming and will affect other characters. Steffy will have to face life without Finn while dealing with Sheila, who’s still a threat to her family.


‘The Bold and the Beautiful’: Steffy Learns Sheila’s Secret

While the fallout of Finn’s death brings drama, fans are holding on to their belief that the scene is a nightmare. Speculation is that Steffy is the one dreaming, and when she wakes up, everything will be back to normal. Viewers will have to wait until Monday’s episode to see if there’s a twist or if Finn is gone for good.