‘The Bold and the Beautiful’: Should the Show Recast Quinn?

The Bold and the Beautiful fans have said goodbye to Quinn Fuller (Rena Sofer). After a nine-year run, Sofer announced she was departing her role on the CBS soap opera. Although Sofer is gone, the same can’t be said for her character, who could be recast.

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Quinn Fuller’s last appearance aired on the Aug. 29 episode of ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’

When The Bold and the Beautiful fans learned of Sofer’s exit, they knew Quinn’s days were numbered. As the countdown began toward Sofer’s last day, speculation began on how Quinn would be written off. Would the writer be callous enough to kill her? Or would she leave town after a breakup with Carter Walton (Lawrence Saint-Victor)?

When viewers tuned in for Sofer’s last airdate on Aug. 29, they were left feeling happy. Quinn was alive, and she and Carter were blissfully happy as they shared a romantic evening. Since the episode ended on a happy note for Quinn, many wonder if they’ll see the character again.

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The show left open the possibility of a Quinn Fuller recast

Sofer’s presence will be missed on the soap opera. Sofer brought her A-game in every storyline, whether Quinn was a heroine or villain. It’s hard to imagine anyone but Sofer playing Quinn; however, it’s a possibility.

Although no news has come out about a Quinn recast, The Bold and the Beautiful fans feel they should consider it. There was still plenty to tell in Quinn’s story, especially her relationship with Carter. Would the two get married and have a baby? Or would carter’s ex, Paris Buckingham (Diamond White), cause trouble for them?

Also, Quinn’s divorce from Eric Forrester (John McCook) wasn’t finalized, which would’ve made a compelling drama. The two could’ve had a nasty courtroom battle as Quinn fought for her half of the Forrester empire. Quinn’s ruthless side would’ve been in full force as she sought to punish her husband and his mistress Donna Logan (Jennifer Gareis).

Rena Sofer said ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ didn’t know what to do with her character

While a Quinn recast would be a good idea, fans shouldn’t expect it anytime soon. Although Quinn was a fan favorite, she was cast aside in recent months to focus on other characters. The inability to write for all the cast is one of soap opera’s biggest criticisms. It’s also the reason why Sofer decided to leave.

In an interview with Soap Opera Digest podcast, Sofer reveals that although The Bold and the Beautiful producers wanted her to stay, they didn’t have any plans for Quinn. Sofer felt her time was wasted and decided it was time to move on.

Fans have said goodbye to Sofer and her beloved character Quinn. The door is always open for a potential Quinn recast down the road. When and if Quinn does return, let’s hope the writers have a juicy storyline for the character.

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