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The Bold and the Beautiful has a barn-burner of a story with the Quinn-Carter-Eric love triangle. As Quinn and Carter’s affair steams up, Quinn and Eric’s impending divorce gets more rancorous. But Eric isn’t just taking it all in stride. In fact, he’s recently set some traps for Carter and Quinn that just may be their undoing.

[Spoiler alert: Potential spoilers for upcoming episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful are up ahead.]

The Bold and the Beautiful stars John McCook as Eric Forrester, pictured here in a publicity shot in a tuxedo against a white background
‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ | Gilles Toucas/CBS via Getty Images

On ‘The Bold and the Beautiful,’ Eric Forrester is back with his wife — for now

Recent The Bold and the Beautiful episodes have featured quite the twist in the Quinn-Carter-Eric love triangle. Just when we thought that the divorce was going through, Eric decided to forgive his wife and re-hang her portrait back up.

And despite the fact that things between Quinn and Carter were getting steamier than ever, the utterance of “those three words” seemed to shift the dynamic.

So, despite everything, Quinn went back to Eric. But there’s a bit of a problem with this allegedly happy reconciliation.

The passion and the romance just aren’t there

The Bold and the Beautiful fans realize that the passion between Eric and Quinn just isn’t there. Sure, married couples get more comfortable — and less fiery — with one another in time, but these two seem to barely be able to tolerate each other. Certainly, there’s nowhere near the chemistry between Quinn and Eric as there is between Quinn and Carter.

“He says he wants to be with her but his actions speak louder than words. The passion and romance just aren’t there. However, there could be a very good reason why Eric can’t bring himself to turn up the heat,” speculates SoapHub.

The reason, though, may have nothing to do with love.

Is Eric setting a trap for Quinn and Carter?

According to Soaps @ SheKnows, upcoming episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful will feature Eric setting a trap for Quinn and Carter. The Forresters didn’t become the richest and most powerful family in Los Angeles by catering to their feelings. They did it by playing the winner-take-all game — and Eric Forrester seems ready to play the long game when it comes to getting even with Quinn and Carter.


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“What if Eric hasn’t actually had a change of heart but is, instead, toying with Quinn and Carter? Sure, that seems unlikely for a couple of reasons, not the least of which is that this show has absolutely no poker face when it comes to keeping unfolding plots under wraps. But the guy has been married to some of daytime’s most manipulative women and perhaps he picked up a few tricks along the way,” the outlet suggests.

With Wyatt already disgusted by his mother’s messy behavior, and the seeds of the ‘Forrester War’ being planted piece by piece, expect the drama to explode in upcoming episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful.