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The tension between Steffy and Sheila on The Bold and the Beautiful has reached a fever pitch. Finn must make a decision between his wife and his mother. And while the good doctor chose his wife in a recent episode, upcoming episodes of the hit CBS show feature things taking a turn for the worse in the Finnegan household.

[Spoiler alert: Potential spoilers for upcoming episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful are up ahead.]

The Bold and the Beautiful sneak peek focuses on Steffy, pictured here in a brown one-piece swimsuit leaning against a yellow surfboard
‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ | Sean Smith/CBS via Getty Images

On ‘The Bold and the Beautiful,’ Steffy’s idyllic marriage is falling apart

When the Steffy and Finn storyline was first introduced on The Bold and the Beautiful, fans were delighted to see their beloved Steffy Forrester find her one true love. It seemed like she’d finally moved past all the drama of the Liam-Hope-Steffy love triangle, and was finally in a relationship that was good for her physical and mental well-being. And even though there was still the threat of Liam causing drama on the Big Day, the fears about it all turned out to be unfounded.

Unfortunately, on the day that Steffy and Finn officially tied the knot, it was revealed that villainess Sheila Carter is Finn’s birth mother. No better place than a man’s wedding to reveal the truth about his parentage, right? Predictably, the announcement didn’t go over well — and we later learned that Steffy didn’t even file the marriage license!

Now, things with Finn look even direr than ever before. With Finn being forced to choose between his wife and his newfound birth mother, the good doctor is stuck between a rock and a hard place. And things are starting to come to a head.

Drama is coming in on all sides

Previous The Bold and the Beautiful speculation suggested that Steffy and Finn would call it quits thanks to Sheila. And while that’s looking more and more like a possibility, there are other things threatening the Finnegan marriage, too.

For instance, Finn has been confiding in the babysitter, Paris, an awful lot lately. He’s been frustrated about the inability of his wife and mother to get along, and turns to Paris for a friendly ear. Paris, of course, has designs on the good doctor, and unbeknownst to him, is setting the stage for a potential affair to take place. This will most likely cause even more drama between Steffy and Finn if Steffy finally gets wind of it all.

With the threat of Paris becoming #TeamSheila, and Steffy’s growing problems at work with Brooke (no, we didn’t forget about that), things are heading down a terrible road for our poor girl. And while Steffy may not be sure about a lot of things, one thing she’s definitely sure about is Sheila Carter faking her little fainting spell.

Sheila clearly faked the fainting spell — and Steffy’s calling her out

On the Sept. 3 episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, Sheila Carter faked a fainting spell to garner sympathy from Finn. And, according to SoapHub, the Sept. 7 episode of The Bold and the Beautiful will feature her beyond disgusted daughter-in-law, Steffy, confronting her about her latest stunt.


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“Watch for Steffy to call out this nonsense,” they said. “Sheila may think of herself as the Queen of schemes and master manipulator, but Steffy’s got her number. Steffy isn’t falling for it and she’s not going to let anyone else either, not if she can help it. Unfortunately, the more Steffy calls Sheila out, the more she and Finn butt heads. Finn truly wants to believe his biological mother wouldn’t lie like this. As a medical professional he hopes no one would. His training tells him to err on the side of caution so that’s just what he’s going to do.”

And that’s just the beginning of the drama in the Finnegan marriage. Upcoming episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful suggest the Finnegan marriage can’t survive much more. Have Steffy and Finn finally reached their breaking point?