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There has been no shortage of drama on The Bold and The Beautiful since Sheila Carter’s arrival. The villain came back into town, and in typical Sheila fashion, bodies dropped, and lives were destroyed, only this time, the destruction hit close to home for her.

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While she has been remorseful for her actions that led to the death of her son Finn, there might be a new development in the story. Finn’s adoptive mother, Li Finnegan, has been hiding her son for several reasons, but now some fans feel it was wrong for her to hide Finn from his wife, Steffy.

Fans think Li made a bad decision trying to hide Finn from Steffy

Sheila returned in a very dramatic way, disturbing the festivities of Steffy and Finn’s marriage. She came to town with a bombshell revealing that she was Finn’s biological mother. While she tried to insert herself into their lives, Steffy remained wary of her mother-in-law’s intentions.

On the other hand, Finn gave his mother the benefit of the doubt, which further exacerbated her intentions of getting Steffy out of the way. After a heated altercation, Sheila brandished a gun and pointed it at Steffy. After taking the shot, Finn jumped in the line of fire and took a bullet for his wife.

Frustrated and angry, Sheila pointed the gun back at Steffy, shooting her, albeit not fatally. Everyone believed Finn to have died as he was pronounced dead on the scene by paramedics. However, several episodes later, viewers learn that Li had saved her son, who was in a coma and had hidden him from everyone.

While some fans applauded Li’s maternal instinct to protect her son, some feel it was wrong, especially sidelining his wife, Steffy. One fan replied on a B&B tweet wondering how Li would justify keeping to Steffy why she didn’t tell her Finn was alive. Some fans think this might be related to Li feeling like Steffy doesn’t deserve Finn as her husband.

Why Li had to hide Finn

Li has been around long enough to know that any interaction with Sheila can be catastrophic. It’s therefore understandable why she may feel protective of her son. She may have hidden Finn to prevent Sheila from getting access to him or even learning that he is alive, which may motivate the villain to come after him to achieve her initial goal of having Finn to herself.

Additionally, she moved him without authorization from a doctor, which is illegal, especially since an active investigation might be ongoing. Li may also reason that hiding Finn might be the best move as of now since she has kept the news that Finn is alive from Steffy, who is his wife, essentially robbing Steffy and their son Hayes the chance to be together as a family once more.

Will Li tell Steffy the truth?


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Li was very dodgy about Finn and a possible memorial service for him, but Steffy isn’t one to be fooled easily. The last time Li and Steffy interacted, Li’s inability to let Steffy get involved with anything involving her husband left Steffy with several questions about what Li could be hiding.

Li hasn’t yet come clean to Steffy about Finn’s status, and given that Steffy left town to ponder what has been happening, it seems she may not learn the truth immediately. Since it’s unclear if Li is still alive, Steffy learning about Finn might not happen anytime soon.