‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Some Fans Want to See Taylor With Bill But It Doesn’t Seem Likely

If past storylines are anything to go by, it seems Ridge may never make up his mind on which woman he wants. Ridge has always faced difficulty choosing between Brooke and Taylor, bouncing back and forth between the two women.

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After learning about Brooke’s kiss, Ridge packed up and went to his children’s mother. Now he wants to leave Taylor again, and fans have had enough of it.

Now The Bold and the Beautiful fans want to see Taylor reunite with Dollar Bill.

Taylor and Ridge are officially done (again)

The love triangle between Brooke, Ridge, and Taylor may never end. However, for now, it appears to be on pause as Ridge called things off with Taylor. Ridge and Brooke had a strong marriage for a while after reuniting, but things went awry when Deacon Sharpe entered the picture.

Deacon and Brooke are former lovers, and when he came to town, he intended to reconnect with his daughter Hope. However, he still had unresolved feelings for Brooke that culminated in a kiss. While she was sorry about the entire situation, her taking Deacon’s side in an argument with Ridge was too much for her husband to take.

He ran into Taylor’s wide arms, and she took him in without hesitation. Ridge explained that he wanted to get their family together and was ready to settle down with her. Fans shipped Taylor and Ridge and hoped he had finally found his home.

However, we all know that’s not how soap operas work. Recently, Ridge shared with Taylor his intention to take care of Brooke, saying she had broken an ankle. A heartbroken Taylor sarcastically told him that wasn’t a good enough reason to patch up a broken marriage, but Ridge claimed Brooke was still his wife and he had an obligation to her, thus ending Tridge as fans call them.

Fans want Taylor to hook up with Bill

Bill has been a mainstay in B&B, and most of his pairings have been with the Logan gals. Fans now want him to abandon them and move on with Taylor despite not having any scenes together. Many fans feel Dollar Bill is exactly what Taylor needs and reasoned that the actors would have fantastic chemistry together.

One fan recently said on Twitter, “Taylor needs to get with Bill. That way, Ridge will get jealous and try to get her back, lol.” Another suggested, “What about Taylor/ Deacon or Taylor/ Bill?” Fans seemed to agree with the pairing suggestion saying, “Taylor and Bill would be good.”

However, one fan shared their reservations about a Taylor and Bill pairing, saying that Taylor trying to kill Bill after he slept with Steffy might make that match very unlikely, but stranger things have happened on the soap opera. Many fans fronted Deacon as an excellent match for Taylor, given Deacon’s history with Ridge.

The reasoning for a Taylor and Deacon pairing was based on revenge. Several users said that since Deacon and Ridge are already rocky due to their past with Brooke and his kiss with her, Ridge may get jealous and try to get Taylor back to prevent Deacon from taking another one of his women.

Are Ridge and Brooke headed for a reunion?

Ridge’s decision to return to his matrimonial home is to take care of his wife, Brooke, who broke an ankle. He feels obligated to be there for her as she tries to recover, and given how remorseful and persuading Brooke can be, a Bridge reunion is imminent.

It also doesn’t help that Ridge always has a soft spot when it comes to Brooke, and seeing her in such a state may drive him back to her. She also promised to ban Deacon from setting foot in her house, which might convince Ridge to get back together with her.

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