‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Speculation: Carter Won’t Be Leaving With Quinn

Carter Walton and Quinn Fuller have, for the longest time, been the object of many The Bold and The Beautiful fans’ desires. Ever since the show decided to pair them up, fans have gone along the ride and congratulated the series and actors for the wonderful chemistry between their characters.

However, the actor who plays Quinn is exiting the series, which puts a dump on the fan-favorite relationship as it doesn’t look like Carter will be leaving with Quinn.

'The Bold and the Beautiful' actor Rena Sofer as Quinn Fuller
Rena Sofer as Quinn Fuller | Sonja Flemming/CBS

Rena Sofer is leaving ‘B&B,’ but Lawrence Saint-Victor isn’t

Sofer has played the devious jewelry designer Quinn for nine years. Since her appearance on the soap in 2013, Quinn has established herself as someone who can play both a villain and a protagonist. She was married to Eric Forrester, but things between them hadn’t been OK for some time.

In her loneliness, Quinn found solace with Carter, thus beginning a long-lasting, passionate affair. After finding out that Eric also had an affair with Donna, Quinn realized she is better off with Carter and rode a bike across town to stop him from marrying Paris Buckingham.

Carter and Quinn appeared endgame, but Sofer’s recent departure from the series might doom the couple. Sofer had hinted at her possible exit on August 16 when she posted a photo on Instagram with a cryptic caption which fans interpreted as her leaving.

The actor confirmed her exit on Instagram shortly after with a photo of her costars. Sofer’s departure leaves room for speculation on whether her character will leave town with Lawrence Saint-Victor’s character Carter.

From the looks of it, that’s very unlikely since Saint-Victor hasn’t announced that he would be leaving. Moreover, the actor has taken up double duties on the show working as a writer and also part of the cast.

How will ‘B&B’ address Rena Sofer’s exit?

As Sofer leaves for other opportunities, the buck stops with the popular soap to give her a proper sendoff. Since Sofer doesn’t appear to have left the series on bad terms, the writers may try to leave room for her to return in the future.

That means they may write her character off as having received a lucrative job in another country. Quinn is a talented designer, and her talents aren’t exploited enough as most times, her storylines always involve men. It, therefore, would make sense why she would decide to take a break from all the drama for a lucrative job elsewhere.

This then allows the writers to create a storyline where Quinn dumps Carter. Quinn and Carter have been a hot couple for a while now, but everything she’s gone through to be with Carter may not be worth it for her. She may decide to end the relationship or pause it for a while to clear her head, and the possibility of a cushy job outside the country may seem like the best way to do that.

Other possible ways Quinn will be written off

B&B has never shied away from going at storylines headfirst. As such, they may find it easy to kill Quinn to ensure her storyline stops for a while. Quinn may end up in a car accident, die at someone else’s hands, or go missing. However, knowing B&B, that may not necessarily equate to her end.

Soap operas go against the grain of reality, and Quinn may resurface years later and possibly with a new face allowing the show to recast the part without fans calling them out. This will once more leave room for Sofer to return at her convenience.

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