‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Speculation: Quinn Still Has Her Cake & Eats It Too

On The Bold and the Beautiful, Quinn is desperate to save her relationship with Eric. The problem is, she can’t get Carter out of her mind. The question of why she still wants Carter, though, hangs in the air. Does she want him because she truly loves him — or does she want him because she doesn’t want anyone else to have him? (And, specifically, that “anyone else” is Katie.) Even if her motives are questionable, Quinn is still used to having her cake and eating it too. And this will still be the case if she manages to balance both Carter and Eric for as long as she can.

[Spoiler alert: Potential spoilers for upcoming episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful are ahead.]

The Bold and the Beautiful speculation focuses on Quinn, pictured here in a black sleeveless dress.
‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ | Toni Anne Barson/FilmMagic

On ‘The Bold and the Beautiful,’ Carter seems to want to move on

Last week on The Bold and the Beautiful, Carter and Katie ignited a friendship. This week, that friendship seems to be progressing into something a lot more. And earlier this week, Carter made quite clear that he’s ready to love again — and he’s ready for that love to be with Katie.

At the same time, Katie is dealing with her own broken heart. Having finally accepted that she and Dollar Bill will never work it out, Katie’s been spending quality time with Carter. Naturally, as things on The Bold and the Beautiful are wont to do, it’s blossoming into more than a friendship.

Quinn isn’t quite ready to let go

There’s just one wrinkle in the burgeoning Carter and Katie ship, and that’s Quinn. On this week’s episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful, Katie put Quinn in her place in front of Carter, and Carter took Katie’s side. Naturally, this left Quinn reeling.

Carter and Quinn have been through far worse together, and they still managed to stick it out. And while the issue of Eric’s performance hasn’t been broached again (yet), there’s a chance that he still may not be able to perform in the bedroom with Quinn when he gets her alone. So, eventually, this will serve as a source of frustration for Quinn — which means she’ll go barking up familiar trees, specifically trees named Carter.

Can she juggle both these men?

Celeb Dirty Laundry speculates that we’ll be getting a lot of answers on this week’s episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful. Eric will confront Quinn later this coming week, and she’ll make a shocking confession. That will put her relationship with Eric on the rocks — and drive her further into Carter’s arms.

But that doesn’t mean the married couple won’t get their fair share of bedroom fun, too. “Eric will get total honesty and react to Quinn’s confession in a shocking way. That could mean Eric will finally have the bedroom breakthrough he’s been waiting for with Quinn,” speculates the outlet.

Talk about a switcheroo! The husband becomes the lover while the lover becomes the husband? Sure, it can happen. Of course, this is all just speculation. We’ll just have to tune in to upcoming episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful to see what happens next.

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