‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Speculation: Sheila’s Refusal to Lay Off Baby Hayes Leads to Her Demise — But At Whose Hands?

Sheila Carter, the perpetual villainess on The Bold and the Beautiful, isn’t exactly making friends and influencing people. Through the years, she’s terrorized the Forresters, the Logans, and pretty much everyone else in Los Angeles. Not since Charles Manson has there been such a threat to Tinseltown’s safety. But Sheila may finally be crossing a bridge too far with her latest actions toward her grandchild, Hayes Finnegan.

The product of Dr. John “Finn” Finnegan and Steffy Forrester’s hot, spicy love may be Sheila’s favorite person, but Steffy isn’t having any of it. In fact, Steffy made clear a long time ago that Sheila needs to stay far, far away from her baby. Now, though, the latest The Bold and the Beautiful speculation suggests that Sheila’s refusal to honor Steffy’s wishes will lead to her demise. While Steffy seems like the obvious culprit, are there other possibilities, too?

[Spoiler alert: Potential spoilers for upcoming episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful are up ahead.]

The Bold and the Beautiful speculation focuses on Steffy, who is pictured here in a headshot wearing drop-down pearl and diamond earrings and an upswept hairdo
Jacqueline MacInnes Wood as Steffy on ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ | Stephane Cardinale – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images

On ‘The Bold and the Beautiful,’ Sheila Carter is bound and determined to see baby Hayes

If ever a character embodied “The Mother-in-Law from Hell” stereotype, it would be The Bold and the Beautiful‘s own Sheila Carter. Sheila has been terrorizing the people of Los Angeles for years. When she first rode into the frame in 1990, she took aim at the late, great Stephanie Forrester — and now, her target is Stephanie’s granddaughter, Steffy.

Talk about carrying a grudge through the generations.

Anyway, when Sheila showed up at her son, Finn’s, wedding to Steffy, she swore she was going to be a part of her baby’s life. She also swore that she was going to have a relationship with her grandbaby, Hayes, whether Steffy liked it or not. (And no, don’t worry — Steffy doesn’t like it at all, and it’s causing a lot of problems in her marriage.) But if you believe the latest The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, Sheila hasn’t exactly become a sweet old grandmother in her old age.

Her motives aren’t entirely altruistic

According to Soaps @ SheKnows, The Bold and the Beautiful fans can expect mess to pop off on Oct. 1, when Finn starts confiding in Hope about his problems. (What is it with this guy and talking to everybody but his wife about his issues? No wonder fans call him “Dr. Dumb“!) Finn is completely oblivious (…he really should get that on a shirt) about Sheila’s ulterior motives, but not everyone is.

You see, Steffy has been well aware that Sheila’s been trying to get under her skin for years. And what better way than to turn her son — and Steffy’s husband — against her? Besides, if Sheila succeeds in snatching baby Hayes away from her Mommy, well, then, her vengeance is complete. (It might be beyond Sheila’s purview to actually bring harm to baby Hayes, but who knows these days…)

Snatching baby Hayes might serve Sheila’s purposes in the short term, but the latest The Bold and the Beautiful speculation suggests that it will harm her in the long term.

Will Steffy go to extremes?

If you believe the latest SoapHub spoilers, the Sept. 27 episode of The Bold and the Beautiful will knock down the first domino in a chain reaction that ultimately leads to Sheila’s demise. Sheila’s demise — however temporary it may be —has been teased before. But Steffy is not her grandmother. And she’s ready for battle — wherever and whenever Sheila wants it.

“What Sheila isn’t counting on is how tough Steffy actually is,” the outlet reports. “Many of Sheila’s rivals became weak in her presence but Steffy isn’t ducking for cover. She is facing this monster-in-law head-on and laying down the law. It looks like Sheila has truly met her match.”

Now, this is all just speculation. Who knows how long Sheila will stick around in Los Angeles? We’ll just have to tune in to upcoming episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful to find out.

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