‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Deacon Discovers Sheila’s Treachery — And All Hell Breaks Loose

One of the biggest storylines on The Bold and the Beautiful focuses on Brooke’s compromised sobriety. Until this week, no one knew how — and why — Brooke fell off the wagon. But this week, the truth will come out. And when Deacon finds out what — or more specifically, who — caused Brooke’s lapse in sobriety, he’s not going to be a happy man at all.

[Spoiler alert: Potential spoilers for upcoming episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful are ahead.]

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers focus on Sheila Carter, pictured here in a strappy black dress
‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ | Robert Voets/CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images

On ‘The Bold and the Beautiful,’ Deacon discovers the truth — and it’s not pretty

Deacon has been desperate to get back with Brooke since he re-entered everyone’s lives — and upended them, as he’s wont to do. And though he promised his baby girl he wouldn’t blow it all up, the latest The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry suggest he’s going to do just that.

But in Deacon’s defense, it’s because he’s going to find out about Sheila’s devious ways. The fact that Sheila messed with Brooke’s sobriety may be beyond the pale, but there’s a good chance that Deacon won’t say anything, lest he blows his chances with Brooke.

“Sheila is the reason Brooke fell off the wagon and betrayed Ridge, so Deacon won’t want that coming out. If Deacon secures his shot with Brooke, he won’t want to do anything that might rock the boat!” the outlet reports.

Yep — it sounds like all hell is about to break loose in Los Angeles.

Carter and Paris have a serious chat

On the Feb. 4 episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, Soaps.com teases that Carter and Paris will finally have a serious chat about the relationship they’ve been needing to have. As was previously speculated, Dr. Buckingham will put the kibosh on her daughter’s messy love life. Between her crush on “Dr. Dumb” (aka Finn), Thomas Forrester, and now Carter Walton, Paris is a flaming hot mess.

If Paris doesn’t right the ship of her love life, Dr. Buckingham will do it for her. Nobody’s going to stop Dr. Buckingham from making things right with her daughters, and even though she couldn’t save one, she can definitely save the other. Don’t be surprised if Dr. Buckingham tells Paris to make a commitment to Zende, whether she likes it or not. And something tells us this is definitely going to fall into the “not” category.

But that said, there’s still a chance that Carter and Paris decide to go public with their relationship, despite the growing opposition. So, we’ll just have to tune in to find out where it goes from here.

Ridge and Taylor have one, too

It would be nice if Steffy would consider her father’s pain while trying to “expose” her cheating stepmother, but she doesn’t, so here we are. Fans of The Bold and the Beautiful can expect Ridge and Taylor to reconnect on the Feb. 4 episode of the show, and Steffy of course will look at this as an opportunity to play The Parent Trap all over again. Yikes.

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