‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Star Matthew Atkinson Reveals Why He’s Been ‘Hiding’

The Bold and the Beautiful star Matthew Atkinson has been a part of the show’s “family” since 2019. At that time, he took on the role of prodigal son Thomas Forrester. Prior to that, the character had been played by former Disney star Pierson Fodé. But, lately, Atkinson has been “off the grid,” in a manner of speaking. Why hasn’t he been on social media as much as he’d been in the past? Recently, he broke his silence to reveal what was going on.

The Bold and the Beautiful star Matthew Atkinson, pictured here shirtless in a pair of red swim trunks
‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ star Matthew Atkinson | Sean Smith/CBS via Getty Images

‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ star took to Instagram to explain what was going on

Beginning on December 6, 2021, The Bold and the Beautiful star began posting a series of photos on his Instagram page featuring photos in the snow-covered mountains and Biblical quotes. Fans were wondering what was going on. However, they couldn’t help but notice that he was looking relaxed and happy.

Finally, on December 27, 2021, Atkinson took to Instagram to explain his absence on social media. “My Christmas and birthday this year was spent deep in the mountains in prayer (and in SNOW),” he wrote. “I’ve been off the grid mostly hence my absence from the internet. It’s been an adventure with all the winter storms, but worth it.”

You can see the post from The Bold and the Beautiful star below.

‘Everyone feel gratitude for the Lord Christ’

Atkinson also revealed that he was celebrating his birthday in the mountains. The day in question, which was December 27, is only two days after Christmas. However, while many people would feel strange about having a birthday that’s so close to the holidays, The Bold and the Beautiful star revealed that he’d prefer it if people remembered the holidays. He also said that having a birthday that was so close to the holidays didn’t bother him at all.

“Some people ask about how it stinks to be born so close to Christmas, it’s never bothered me,” he wrote. “I would much rather everyone feel gratitude for the Lord Christ, the reason for the season. Enjoy every moment you have in this life, it’s all a miracle.”

Prior to this, Atkinson shared his wholesome Thanksgiving recipes

While Atkinson plays a prodigal son on The Bold and the Beautiful, he’s a “good son” in real life. Shortly before Thanksgiving, Soap Opera Digest sat down with the actor to ask about his favorite recipes. And, at that time, he shared a recipe for his beloved mother’s sweet potato casserole.

“Every year, my mom likes to make the same dishes, but the number one dish that pops up every year for me — and if it wasn’t there, it would be very, very depressing — is my mom’s sweet potato casserole. It is incredible,” he said. He went on to share the ingredients, which included sweet potatoes, spices, and milk.

It sounds like The Bold and the Beautiful star is quite the wholesome man, indeed!

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