‘The Bold and the Beautiful’: Steffy Carrying on Grandmother’s Legacy by Destroying Bridge’s Marriage

The Bold and the Beautiful‘s Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) is the show’s heroine. Steffy’s strong-willed and assertive personality has made her a hit with the audience. Fans are rallying with Steffy as she plots to expose Brooke Logan’s (Katherine Kelly Lang) latest secret. Steffy’s behavior has many people comparing her to her grandmother Stephanie Forrester (Susan Flannery).

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‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Steffy Forrester is carrying on Stephanie Forrester’s legacy

As the granddaughter of The Bold and the Beautiful icon, Steffy is carrying on her grandmother’s legacy. Aside from inheriting Stephanie’s confidence and strength, she also inherited hatred of Brooke. Like her grandma, Steffy has her issues with Brooke, which have recently resurfaced.

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With Taylor Hayes (Krista Allen) back, Steffy believes it’s time for Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) to reunite with her. Yet, Brooke is standing in the way of Steffy’s plan. However, it won’t be long after Steffy uncovers Brooke’s kiss with Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan).

Steffy’s motivation to take down Brooke has a few fans cheering for her on Twitter. “Come through Stephanie Forrester Jr,” wrote one viewer. “I have been waiting 10 years for Steffy to step into her destiny as her namesake intended,” another commenter chimed in.

Stephanie Forrester hated Brooke Logan

Stephanie versus Brooke is one of The Bold and the Beautiful‘s iconic feuds. Their rivalry began in 1987 when Ridge began dating Brooke despite Stephanie’s disapproval. Stephanie tried to break up the couple throughout the decades and encouraged her son to stay with Taylor.

Aside from Ridge, Brooke also married Eric Forrester (John McCook) and Thorne Forrester (Ingo Rademacher), which irked Stephanie. The Forrester matriarch wasn’t shy about expressing her hatred for Brooke, referring to her as a “slut from the valley.” Stephanie and Brooke’s fights became physical, with Stephanie delivering her famous slap.

Despite their feud, Stephanie and Brooke made peace during Stephanie’s cancer diagnosis. Brooke was there cradling Stephanie in her arms as the Forrester matriarch died peacefully.

Steffy Forrester ends Brooke Logan and Ridge Forrester’s marriage

The Bold and the Beautiful will be exciting now that Steffy knows Brooke’s secret. After her nephew, Douglas Forrester (Henry Joseph Samiri), revealed he saw Brooke kissing Santa Claus on New Year’s Eve, Steffy realized her stepmother was unfaithful. Steffy suspects Brooke was with Deacon while Ridge was out of town.

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According to Soaps.com, Steffy enlists Charlie Webber (Dick Christie) to search security footage from Brooke’s house. With the video, Steffy will have proof of Brooke’s secret and won’t waste any time exposing her. Of course, Steffy’s evidence will end Brooke and Ridge’s marriage and send him back to Taylor. However, Steffy might have gained a new enemy in Brooke, who’ll blame her for destroying her marriage.

Yet, Steffy’s not going to let Brooke’s words affect her. In her mind, Brooke got what was coming to her.