‘The Bold and the Beautiful’: Steffy’s Intervention Worked Almost Too Well

Soap operas are known for their dramatic storylines and unbelievable plots. While the actors in a soap often deliver fantastic performances, fans are often left shaking their heads because the plots are so ridiculous. 

The Bold and the Beautiful writers recently missed the mark with their audience. When fan-favorite Steffy became addicted to painkillers after an accident, fans were left scratching their heads and wondering what they missed.

The actress’s portrayal of an addict spiraling out of control was incredible, but the speed of the spiral is what irritated the audience…

How did Steffy get addicted to painkillers?

Matthew Atkinson (Thomas) and Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy)
Matthew Atkinson (Thomas) and Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy) | Robert Voets/CBS via Getty Images

Recently, per Daytime Dramatics, Steffy went for a motorcycle ride to relax after a stressful day. B&B fans will probably remember that motorcycle riding was one of Steffy’s favorite hobbies before she had her baby. Unfortunately, her spur-of-the-moment ride ended in disaster when she was hit by a car and ended up being rushed to the hospital. 

In typical soap opera fashion, the driver of the car was none other than Bill Spencer. Bill is the grandfather (or possibly the father, as some fans speculate) of Steffy’s baby, her former love interest, and her father’s biggest enemy. After Bill found out that Steffy was the motorcycle rider, he followed her to the hospital to make sure she was okay. 

Upon arriving at the hospital, however, Bill realized that she was not okay at all. He called Ridge Forrester, Steffy’s father, to tell him about the accident. Not surprisingly, Ridge blamed Bill and refused to let him into his daughter’s room. 

After recovering and returning home, Steffy suddenly became addicted to painkillers. This is the part of the plot that many fans are having trouble swallowing.

Steffy’s addiction plotline is not convincing

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Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, the actress who plays Steffy, delivered an incredible performance as someone battling an addiction. The problem is not the acting, it’s the plot. Several fans have noticed Steffy’s absurdly quick development into a drug addict. 

If we look back at the past few weeks of Steffy’s storyline, we’ll notice that Steffy originally didn’t even want to take any pain pills. When she left the hospital, she had to be persuaded to take home any prescription at all, and later on she had to be coaxed to refill them when she was in a lot of pain.

She seemed to be taking them as prescribed and was never shown abusing them. She didn’t have an erratic behavior or growing dependency on the medication. 

All of a sudden, she turned into a raging addict. She was completely out of control, threatening people with knives, and acting like someone who had been abusing drugs for quite some time. 

Cue the intervention–also not convincing

Consistency seems to be the writers focus here, as they whipped up a super-speedy intervention plot that’s just as unbelievable as the addiction. The day after she pulled a knife on her family, those closest to her staged an intervention.

Ridge insisted that she needed to go to rehab and the new man in her life–Finn, her doctor and new love interest–told her she’d moved past dependency and become a full-blown addict.

That’s all pretty heavy for someone who literally took one extra pain pill and then lost her marbles. However, the writers continued with Steffy’s head-spinning, speedy reactions, and had her agreeing to go to rehab five minutes later.

Unfortunately, many people who have dealt with a loved one’s addiction will tell you that they’re not usually that cooperative. 

Fans took to Twitter to voice their reactions to the whole storyline. Nearly everyone agrees that MacInnes Wood’s performances have been phenomenal, but a lot of people are irritated by the ridiculous speediness of this issue.

One fan tweeted her opinion: “She took one pill more than what was prescribed to her if you wanted this to be more believable they should have stretched this out where she truly tries to hide her addiction from everyone then falls apart. One day/one pill does not make one an addict after a painful accident.” 

Other fans agreed, with many stating their frustration. “Thank you! The way they have handled this storyline has frustrated the hell out of me. The misrepresentation can be more damaging then good. If you don’t know what you are doing, don’t do a storyline about it.”

Viewers said the whole thing would have been more believable if it had stretched out for weeks, with Steffy growing more withdrawn, dishonest, and depressed.