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For years, The Bold and the Beautiful has showcased some of TV’s best feuds. This is especially true in the romance department. Ridge Forrester is, arguably, the most coveted man in daytime. The character was previously played by Ronn Moss. His departure from the show, it seems, led to a real-life face-off between longtime B&B costars.

These ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ stars have been feuding for decades

Katherine Kelly Lang, Ronn Moss and Hunter Tylo
Katherine Kelly Lang, Ronn Moss, and Hunter Tylo | Gregg DeGuire/FilmMagic

There’s nothing like a good, old love triangle. The Bold and the Beautiful perfected the art by pitting original castmember, Katherine Kelly LAng’s Brooke Logan against Hunter Tylo’s Dr. Taylor Hayes.

The show, which began in 1987, is the sister series to The Young and the Restless. Many of the characters have crossed over through the year to form new love triangles and backstabbing feuds.

Tylo’s last appearance as Taylor aired in March 2019. Since then, Thorston Kaye’s version of Ridge has amassed new interests — such as Denise Richards’ Shauna Fulton — while deferring back to his original love, Brooke.

The ultimate B&B love triangle still belongs to that of Ridge, Brooke, and Taylor. And, as it turns out, all that on-set tension bled into real life at one point.

Ronn Moss left the show in 2012, triggering a real-life feud

September 2012 marked the airdate of Moss’s last B&B appearance. The episode featured Brooke and Ridge’s 7th wedding. Moss left the show after a serious car accident that left him unable to remember his lines. He has continued his career in music, touring for the release of six albums over 30 years.

Rumblings of another on and off-set feud between Tylo and Kimberlin Brown-Pelz (who played Sheila Carter) when Pelz sided with Tylo’s ex during their divorce proceedings. However, Tylo’s alleged off-screen battle with her on-screen frenemy, Lang, is where things get interesting.

According to multiple outlets, Tylo and Lang exchanged words via Twitter shortly after Moss left the show. Daytime Confidential posted screenshots of the war of words.

The tweets show a fan claiming that Tylo didn’t stop the spread of rumors against Lang. In response, Lang asked, “why don’t you talk to me?” to which Tylo responded by denying allegations mentioned in the fan’s post.

While this exchange seems to have ended peacefully, it’s not the extent of the actress’ issues. When longtime star, Susan Flannery (who played Stephanie Forrester) left the show months after Moss left in 2012, things between Tylo and Lang heated further.

Writers of B&B seemed to put Lang in Flannery’s spot with more screen time and story line for Brooke. Lang and Tylo were close with Flannery, making her exit difficult enough. Tensions between the two only worsened without Flannery to bridge the gap, according to multiple outlets.

Are Lang and Tylo friends now?


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Tylo has yet to return to the set of The Bold and the Beautiful since her departure. Her personal life has taken up her space and time. Meanwhile, Lang continues holding down the fort on the show as Brooke, still vying for Ridge’s affection.

It’s unclear if the two resolved their off-screen issues or of they’re friends. Tylo’s social media presence is limited and Lang doesn’t appear to post about her. If anyone could bring the two together (or pull them apart), it’s Moss or Kaye. Only time will tell.

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.