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This week’s The Bold and the Beautiful will finally feature the flashpoint between Ridge, Brooke, and Deacon. Thanks to Steffy’s scheming, Brooke’s secret about kissing Deacon will finally be revealed to Ridge. After all those years of cheating on Brooke, even having children with another woman, he cannot believe that Brooke kissed another man. Is this finally the end for the “Bridge” ship?

[Spoiler alert: Potential spoilers for upcoming episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful are ahead.]

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers focus on Ridge, pictured here in a blue shirt
‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ | Michael Parmalee/USA Network/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

On ‘The Bold and the Beautiful,’ Steffy continues to play ‘The Parent Trap’

At Steffy’s big age, she’s still playing The Parent Trap with her two parents, who should have long since moved on from one another. But that said, Brooke gave Steffy the ammunition this time when she kissed Deacon. And now, Steffy has lit the spark that started the fire.

Fans of The Bold and the Beautiful will recall that last week, Steffy ran and told her mother all about Brooke and Deacon kissing one another. She had to make sure everyone knew that little Douglas was telling the truth. And because Thomas is just as messy as his sister, he had to be there too.

That’s why SoapHub reports that this week will feature the next domino falling in the Bridge ship.

Taylor tells Ridge the truth

According to the outlet, this week will be the week that Taylor tells Ridge all about Brooke’s cheating ways. And Ridge will be absolutely devastated that his wife did him dirty like that.


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And Celeb Dirty Laundry takes it a step further. They believe that after Taylor tells Ridge the truth, Brooke will be begging and screaming for Ridge not to leave her. “Brooke will panic over Ridge’s growing anger in these emotional scenes,” reports the outlet. “Brooke will feel like her worst fear is coming true right in front of her, so she’ll scramble to keep her marriage afloat. Brooke will remind Ridge of how much they’ve been through together and will think they can get through this, too. Ridge certainly won’t be willing to forgive Brooke on the spot, but she’d settle for him not leaving her at this point.”

Yeah, these next few episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful are definitely going to be a mess. Brooke, if nothing else, please leave this relationship with something resembling your dignity.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Los Angeles

Finally, reveals that the Feb. 7 episode of The Bold and the Beautiful will feature Carter breaking things off for good with Paris. It seems a bit strange that Paris and Carter — both single (well, in Paris’s case, sort of single), both good-looking, and both successful — can’t tell the messy Forresters and Paris’s equally messy mother to mind their own business, but that’s The Bold and the Beautiful logic for you.

Nevertheless, we can also expect more messiness between these two in the near future, so this certainly doesn’t sound like the end quite yet.