‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Weekly Recap: Quinn’s Crazy Side Comes Out Against Brooke & Donna Logan

If there’s one thing The Bold and the Beautiful is going to do, it’s making sure that the world knows that Quinn loves her man. Sure, he can’t “perform” these days. But that doesn’t mean she wants to lose Eric Forrester — especially not to some harpy shrew like Donna Logan. This week, the Logan sisters got an eyeful — and earful — of brutality from Quinn when Donna tried to move in on her territory. Meanwhile, Hope & Finn just found out that Deacon & Sheila are “dating.” And apparently, they’re the only ones who believe this nonsense. Steffy and Liam, for their parts, aren’t buying the “Shecon” pairing. Let’s take a look at what else happened this week on The Bold and the Beautiful. Things sure did get messy in Los Angeles.

The Bold and the Beautiful speculation focuses on Quinn, pictured here in a black sequined halter top
‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ | Gilles Toucas/CBS via Getty Images

On ‘The Bold and the Beautiful,’ things got mega-cringe between Eric and Donna

We get it, The Bold and the Beautiful writers: Eric Forrester can’t “get it up” with Quinn. But he can somehow get it up with Donna. Were all those awkward conversations between the two exes really necessary though? Probably not.

And we’re not the only ones who think so. In fact, Soaps @ SheKnows pointed out that the way they’re writing about Eric’s ED, it feels very…unnatural, let’s say.

“My dad’s about the same age as Eric, and I assure you he would rather curl up in a ball and die than discuss erectile dysfunction — whether his own or someone else’s,” reports the outlet. “A few weeks ago, when Eric was extremely uncomfortable discussing the topic, it felt natural and honest. Now, however, he’s basically chatting about his condition with anyone who walks through the front door.”

It’s the Logans vs. Quinn!

The thought of losing her husband angers Quinn, but not nearly as much as the thought of losing her husband to the Logan sisters. And on this week’s episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful, Quinn confronted Donna — and let it be known that she was aware of her scheming ways.

According to SoapHub, Eric let Donna know that he would “never forget her” for reawakening his bedroom desires — but Lord knows that is not what Quinn wants to hear. She’s not afraid to fight for her man, and we can expect more drama on The Bold and the Beautiful between these two strong-willed women in the near future.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Los Angeles

As Finn and Hope stay reeling about their parents’ “love affair,” SoapHub also reports that this week’s episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful teased a burgeoning love affair between Carter and Katie.

“Much to Carter’s surprise, Katie advocated for him to get back with Quinn,” they wrote. “An even bigger shock came when he heard the reason. Eric can only rise to the occasion with his honey-swigging ex-wife around. Katie also commented about caring for Carter. It was an innocent remark but Carter read between the lines. He put his hand over Katie’s and told her he never feels lonely when he’s around her. Katie was stunned.”

With Katie to the left of her, and Donna to the right, these upcoming episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful will feature more of Quinn’s “crazy side” coming out, for sure.

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