‘The Bold and the Beautiful’: Will Donna Back Down After Quinn’s Threat?

Another love triangle is brewing on The Bold and the Beautiful. Quinn Fuller (Rena Sofer) and Donna Logan (Jennifer Gareis) will be fighting over Eric Forrester (John McCook). Although all signs point to Eric and Donna reuniting, Quinn’s not giving up without a fight. But will her intimidation be enough to scare Donna away?

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‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Quinn Fuller threatens Donna Logan

Eric and Quinn’s marriage has experienced a whirlwind of issues in recent months. Their biggest problem was Eric’s erectile dysfunction, which left him unable to be intimate with Quinn. Eric’s condition led Quinn to have an affair with Carter Walton (Lawrence Saint-Victor), which the Forrester patriarch allowed. However, Quinn recently ended her relationship with Carter to stay with Eric.

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Now, thanks to Donna and her sister Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang), the couple’s marriage will be rockier. When Quinn learns about the Logan sisters’ latest antics, she’s going to be furious. According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, a heated confrontation occurs with the three women, with Quinn issuing a warning.

Will Donna Logan back down?

Donna’s worst-kept secret is out in the open. After Eric eavesdropped on their conversation, Donna admitted she was still in love with the Forrester patriarch. The two shared a touching moment as they reflected on their marriage and had a dollop of honey for old times’ sake. The interaction was enough to spark loving memories along with something else.

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Donna seems to be the cure to Eric’s condition; however, he admitted he could not be intimate with Quinn. The news pleased Donna and gave her s smidge of hope for her and Eric. However, that hope will be diminished with Quinn’s threat. She already has misgivings about pursuing Eric, and her confrontation with Quinn may seal Donna’s decision. Quinn has a fiery temper, which often leads to dangerous consequences. Fearing for her and Eric, Donna will agree to keep her distance from her Honey Bear.

Who does Eric Forrester want?

The big question in this latest The Bold and the Beautiful triangle is, what does Eric want? One of the reasons Eric took Quinn back is because he was lonely. With no wife and kids, he felt alone in the Forrester mansion. He thought he could never find another woman. But he was wrong.

Donna’s confession made him realize, he has people who love and care for him. His feelings for Donna are slowly starting to resurface. Yet, he also can’t forget about Quinn. He demanded she give up Carter to stay in a sexless marriage with him. Now, Quinn will make a huge demand of him when she orders Eric to stay away from Donna. Will Eric give in to Quinn’s ultimatum to save their marriage? Or will he finally divorce her and be with Donna?