‘The Bold Type’: Sutton and Richard’s Relationship Timeline, From Secrecy to Marriage to Almost Divorce

From the very beginning, Freeform‘s The Bold Type hooked many fans onto the adorable relationship between Sutton (Meghann Fahy) and Richard (Sam Page). However, the couple, affectionately known as Suttard, had many ups and downs throughout the series, playing with fans’ emotions.

Between the breakups, the marriage that almost didn’t happen, and the potential divorce, it may have been hard to keep track of the duo. Here’s Sutton and Richard’s relationship timeline.

[Spoiler alert: The following story contains spoilers for The Bold Type Season 5.]

'The Bold Type' stars Meghann Fahy as Sutton Brady and Sam Page as Richard Hunter
‘The Bold Type’ stars Meghann Fahy as Sutton Brady and Sam Page as Richard Hunter | Jonathan Wenk/Freeform/Universal Television/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Sutton and Richard’s relationship began in secret

In the early days of season 1, Sutton worked as an assistant at Scarlet magazine, while Richard worked as the publishing company’s in-house attorney. The two couldn’t date per company rules, but they saw each other in secret. They often snuck around the office building together and met in Richard’s apartment outside of work.

Right off the bat, Sutton and Richard experienced a few obstacles. For starters, they had a 15-year age gap between them and were in very different places in their careers. They struggled to keep their relationship a secret and decided to break up rather than face consequences for a relationship at work. However, Steinman Publishing agreed to allow coworker relationships, which brought Richard and Sutton back together.

That didn’t last too long. The start of season 2 saw another breakup, as Sutton worried about what others would think of their relationship. She wanted to make sure that people took her and her career seriously. This time, Richard went on to date his former girlfriend from law school, and Sutton tried dating other people.

Eventually, Sutton jetted off to Paris for Fashion Week, where she realized that she was still in love with Richard. Apparently, Richard felt the same way because he surprised everyone by showing up in Paris to reunite with her in the season 2 finale.

Sutton and Richard got engaged and married in ‘The Bold Type’ Season 4

For a while, Sutton and Richard maintained a steady relationship. The couple moved in together in The Bold Type Season 3. After a few disagreements about Richard paying for everything and Sutton wanting to maintain independence, Richard finally proposed in season 4, in the same conference room where he and Sutton met.

The wedding day approached quickly. Richard and Sutton planned to move to San Francisco, where Richard had a job waiting. Of course, nothing is a breeze for this couple, so they faced another obstacle the day of the wedding. After working in the fashion department with Sutton for some time, Sutton’s boss, Oliver (Stephen Conrad Moore), decided to offer her a promotion as a stylist. That meant Sutton would have to stay in New York.

Once again, Sutton and Richard experienced a disagreement about this right before the wedding but ultimately decided to marry anyway. The two remained a long-distance couple for a few more weeks.

Sutton and Richard came very close to divorce

The rest of Richard and Sutton’s relationship was a bit of a whirlwind. Still in season 4, Sutton found out that she was pregnant, but she soon experienced a miscarriage. This made Sutton realize that she didn’t want to become a mother, while Richard’s lifelong dream was to become a father. Heartbroken by Sutton’s realization, Richard left her at the end of season 4.

In season 5, Richard asked Sutton for a divorce, leaving many fans shocked. The remainder of the final season saw Sutton coping with the divorce until the finale. The two met up and discussed how much they missed each other. In a shocking twist, Richard ultimately decided that he wanted to stay with Sutton, even if she didn’t want a family. Suttard did not follow through with their divorce.

During an interview with Variety, Fahy revealed that Sutton and Richard’s reconciliation was a last-minute decision by the writers. The original script had the couple breaking up for good.

“Ultimately, what was supposed to happen was Sutton and Richard don’t end up together. And then we sort of felt like that sucked. It didn’t feel very true to the way that we had built those characters and their relationship in all of the prior seasons,” Fahy said. “So they changed it, and then they did end up together. And that was such a satisfying thing for me, and for Sam, and I hope for the audience, too.”

The Bold Type gave Richard and Sutton a rollercoaster of a relationship from start to finish. But in the end, their love for each other was just too powerful to ignore.

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