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The Boys Presents: Diabolical arrives this March, and it will return fans of the Prime Video series to the world of Supes and Vought International — just, in animated form. And the latest trailer for The Boys spinoff series offers a look at its iteration of Homelander (Antony Starr). Naturally, he’s just as vile as in the live-action show.

‘The Boys Presents: Diabolical’ gets bloody new trailer

Fans of The Boys are eagerly awaiting season 3, but The Boys Presents: Diabolical gives them something to look forward to in the meantime. Arriving on March 4, the animated anthology series will tell eight short stories set in the same world. Judging by Prime Video’s latest trailer (and some familiar names in the cast), the spinoff will also feature characters we’ve met before.

The newest look shows Homelander in animated form. And although the leader of The Seven is putting on his usual superhero facade, he looks as vile as ever in the new series. He also appears to be a bit younger in the spinoff, suggesting fans could get further insight into his backstory.

Animated Homelander is just like his live-action counterpart

Poster art for 'The Boys Presents: Diabolical.' It shows Homelander holding up a baby with laser eyes. They're surrounded by a number of Supes.
Poster art for ‘The Boys Presents: Diabolical’ | Amazon Studios

Homelander is an integral part of The Boys, the leader of The Seven and the biggest example of a corrupt Supe. Although Antony Starr’s character claims to stand for righteous ideals, his actions prove otherwise. His self-centered attitude and pride are responsible for many of Vought’s problems. And the trailer for The Boys Presents: Diabolical sees him joining the company, back before The Seven existed.

Again, his language conveys how he wants to appear — as someone for whom “violence is never the answer.” But the fact that he immediately chokes someone after saying so highlights that Homelander always had conflicting narratives. His backstory may even explore what made him this way.

Of course, Homelander is just one of The Boys characters the new spinoff will revisit. While it will welcome a number of newcomers, it will also feature several of Homelander’s colleagues from the main show.

Homelander isn’t the only ‘The Boys’ character in the spinoff


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Although the new trailer for The Boys Presents: Diabolical highlights Homelander’s role in the spinoff, he’s not the only character from the main series who will appear. The trailer also shows Black Noir, who doesn’t seem to speak any more in the animated series than he does in live-action. It also offers a glimpse of The Deep, which makes sense given Chase Crawford’s involvement in the show.

Giancarlo Esposito will also return as Stan Edgar, while Elizabeth Shue’s involvement suggests we’ll see Madelyn Stillwell again, too. Finally, Variety reports that Simon Pegg is voicing Hughie Campbell. It’ll be interesting to see how his character will be handled before the events of The Boys.

Fans will find out if any other familiar faces appear when the spinoff series arrives. All eight episodes of The Boys Presents: Diabolical debut on March 4, 2022.