‘The Boys’ Season 2 Finale: Now That We Know the Head Popper, What’s the Motive?

How about that season finale? Heading into the wrap-up for season 2 of The Boys, we expected more death and for at least one person to receive their comeuppance. But one of the biggest questions of the season was answered: Who’s popping heads?

No amount of Fresca could save those on the hit list from getting squished, and not many viewers were prepared to see who’s been slaying people all over the city.

The running pun online is everyone’s minds were blown by the reveal. Now that we know executioner’s identity, here’s a guess on what’s behind their actions.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers about The Boys Season 2 finale]

Karl Urban as Billy Butcher on Amazon Prime's 'The Boys.'
Karl Urban as Billy Butcher on Amazon Prime’s ‘The Boys’ | Jan Thijs/Amazon Prime

Victoria Neuman revealed as the head exploder

After that showstopping scene that panned to a milky-eyed Neuman walking smugly down the street, everyone is looking for clues in hindsight. Some fans pointed out that the most obvious hint came in episode 7 when she looked in the direction of each victim right before their heads burst.

There were also moments when she spoke about Vought’s power and Compound V that were subtle nods to where she really stands. That didn’t make the surprise any less chilling or jaw-dropping, especially for viewers who thought Alastair and the church were behind the gory deaths.

But as a covert Supe, she’s a valuable asset to anyone who can offer her the best deal, especially Vought. Right?

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Neuman’s motive is probably tied to Vought and politics

Vought may be a pharmaceutical company (according to Stan Edgar), but it also knows how to weaponize its “heroes” and greatest asset (Compound V) to control the public.

By collecting its most knowledgeable detractors in one room at the congressional hearing, Neuman—on behalf of Vought—had an easy job of eliminating those who claim that Compound V is harmful and the firm is corrupt.

Vought’s goal is to get the drug into law enforcement’s hands and built into the framework of national security programs. Like any corporation, it’s in business to make money, and a witness such as Dr. Vogelbaum would’ve shut them down.

Neuman as a puppet makes sense when fear is a driving force to justify more superheroes on the street. She knows what The Boys are up to, has direct communication with Mallory, and has an in at the White House.

She is basically a spy and clandestine enforcer for Vought, ensuring that Compound V is cleared for use in the military and law enforcement. And don’t forget Secretary of Defense Robert Singer told her and Mallory about the president’s plan to authorize it.

How does Neuman benefit from being Vought’s enforcer?

As a politician, it’s no surprise Neuman has connections to powerful corporations. They probably gave her those powers.

With that said, Vought would benefit greatly if Neuman someday winds up in the White House as the vice president or president. That would be the ultimate boost for her career while she serves Vought’s agenda.

Until someone discovers she’s crushing heads, she’ll probably be able to kill politicians (e.g. the president and those in his cabinet) who aren’t on board with rolling out Compound V. We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that such a plot contains a sand grain-sized link to the comic books.

The Boys comics features Vic Neuman, a former Vought CEO who became vice president. He wanted the Department of Defense to utilize superpowers in their strategies while the president didn’t, and Neuman eventually killed him and was made president. Perhaps there’s a similar path in store for Victoria Neuman.

She’s now head of the Federal Bureau of Superhuman Affairs where Hughie lands a job, and she still has access to Vought, the CIA, The Boys, and the White House. Political and financial ambitions are likely part of her scheme and she can spy on anyone.