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The first season of The Boys ended with a cliffhanger that none of the comic’s fans would have anticipated. The final scene of the first season left viewers with plenty of questions and expectations. The good news is that fans don’t have to wait long for their questions to be answered as the second season of the Amazon Prime series has been confirmed.

With the show releasing its first looks into the second season, everyone who isn’t caught up on the series now has the time to get to date before the sophomore season of The Boys rolls around.

What is ‘The Boys’ about?

The Boys is an American television series about a group of superheroes who are influential and revered to as gods. While the superheroes generally use their power for good, the underlying truth is that some of them are corrupt and arrogant.

The superheroes, known in the comics and series as ‘supes,’ are managed by a corporation known as Vought International. The show focuses on two groups, the Seven- the superheroes, and the vigilantes looking to put the superheroes in check, The Boys.

William Butcher, aka Billy, leads the titular vigilantes and is always full of colorful words about the superheroes, while the egotistical Homelander leads the Seven. Before he dedicated his life to busting corrupt supes, Butcher enjoyed a happy marriage with his wife, Becca.

Unfortunately, Becca became the victim of rape in the hands of Homelander. Due to the trauma, Becca is assumed to have taken her life. Butcher decided to put all his strength into hunting down Homelander while remaining in denial about his wife’s death.

As The Boys season 1 finale wraps up, Butcher’s suspicions about his wife are confirmed true when Homelander takes him to a hidden location where Becca is raising her supe-son.

Butcher’s relationship with Becca’s supe son.

Karl Urban as Billy Butcher on Amazon Prime's 'The Boys.'
Karl Urban as Billy Butcher on Amazon Prime’s ‘The Boys.’ | Jan Thijs/Amazon Prime

Despite his uber-aggressive attitude toward the supes, Butcher is finding it hard to deal with his wife being alive and having a superhero child. Speaking to Comicbook.Com, Karl Urban, who plays Billy Butcher, provided some insight into how his character is trying to deal with the information about his wife.

Urban stated that viewers shouldn’t expect that Butcher will suddenly change his view on supes just because his beloved wife’s son is one. The actor, however, stated that Butcher’s view on Homelander would be seen in a different lens with the recent revelation.

He explained that Butcher’s mission currently would be to try and bring his wife back home and put a pause on pursuing Homelander.

“Well Without giving too much away, you have to know that Billy Butcher has a very clear, specific view of supes,” Urban said. “And he does not like them and his wife’s son is a supe, so that prejudice is part of the fabric of the character and it’s not one that is easily brushed aside in any circumstance and particularly not this one.”

Butcher’s aggression towards supes


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Butcher has always had a negative impression of the superheroes and with a good reason. He believes that Homelander took advantage of his wife eight years ago, which led her to take her own life.

He tracks down a woman whom he considers to be Homelander’s weakness, Madelyn Stillwell. However, Homelander ends up murdering Madelyn, and Butcher blows up her house in an attempt to kill himself and Homelander in the process.

It is however revealed that he survived the blast after Homelander rescued him. Homelander explained that his sexual encounter with Becca wasn’t entirely rape and was consensual — at least according to him. This revelation leaves Butcher with plenty of questions about what exactly happened between his wife and Homelander.

It is therefore understandable why Butcher despises the supes so much. He doesn’t approve of Hughie’s relationship with Starlight. Hughie is the newest addition to The Boys, while Starlight is the latest heroine of the Seven.

When Butcher, Mother’s Milk, and Hughie break into the gangster hideout in the grocery store to steal the Compound V, they meet Kimiko who was a prisoner. When they free Kimiko, she kills the gangsters and escapes.  When The Boys catch up with Kimiko, Butcher tries to kill her, but his crew members stop him. His team repeatedly show sympathy toward Kimiko, but Buther is suspicious.

Although Butcher disapproves, he nonetheless allows her to stay with them. When Butcher and Mother’s Milk break into a hospital for the C4 vile, he uses a baby supe with laser eyes to break into the hospital. He, however, develops an attachment to the baby, showing that all hope isn’t lost for Butcher and Becca’s supe son.