How ‘The Boys’ Season 3 Ending Sets Up Season 4


  • The Boys Season 3’s ending sets the stage for season 4 in several ways.
  • Both The Seven and The Boys teams will look different in season 4.
  • It’s hard to see how Soldier Boy could return, but The Boys are facing new obstacles.
Karl Urban and Antony Starr as Billy Butcher and Homelander in 'The Boys' Season 3 finale, which has an ending that sets up season 4. The two are facing one another and wearing grim expressions.
Karl Urban and Antony Starr in ‘The Boys’ | Amazon Studios

The Boys Season 3 finale has arrived, and its ending sets the stage for another outing of the Prime Video series. In addition to giving fans an epic showdown between Butcher (Karl Urban), Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles), Homelander (Antony Starr), and Maeve (Dominique McElligott), “The Instant White-Hot Wild” establishes new team dynamics — and new threats. Read on to learn how it sets up all-new storylines for The Boys Season 4.

[Warning: Major spoilers ahead for The Boys Season 3 Episode 8, “The Instant White-Hot Wild.”]

‘The Boys’ is already confirmed for season 4

With season 3 ending, The Boys fans don’t need to fret over getting a season 4 renewal. Amazon greenlit The Boys Season 4 back in June, with head of global television, Vernon Sanders, highlighting the show’s viewership numbers.

The Boys continues to push boundaries in storytelling while also being relentlessly entertaining and threading the needle on social satire that feels all too real,” Sanders wrote in an Amazon press release. “This stylized world of the series has incredible global reach and the viewership for opening weekend is proof of that.”

He added that the execs at Amazon Studios are looking “forward to bringing more of The Boys to our customers.”

And “The Instant White-Hot Wild” gives fans an idea of where things are headed next. The Boys Season 3 finale sets the stage for more drama, and it does this in several exciting ways.

How ‘The Boys’ Season 3 ending sets up season 4

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The Boys Season 3 delivers a satisfying ending to the latest attempt to bring down Homelander, as well as Soldier Boy’s (Jensen Ackles) character arc. However, the finale makes sure to establish a few storylines for the show to build on in season 4.

One of the most notable developments is Annie (Erin Moriarty) giving up her place in The Seven and her identity as Starlight. From now on, she’ll be seeking justice for the little guy with the rest of The Boys team. And the gang will have their hands full. Not only is Homelander more dangerous than ever, but Victoria Neuman’s (Claudia Doumit) plotting has finally paid off.

As the group meets to welcome Starlight aboard, a news broadcast reveals that Neuman is now Bobby Singer’s (Jim Beaver) running mate. If she gets into office, that could prove a major problem — especially knowing her ties to Homelander and Vought.

Vought International and The Seven may look different after season 3’s ending

Speaking of Vought International, the company may be about to change drastically. With most of The Seven retired or dead, The Boys Season 3’s ending suggests Homelander will have free rein over the company — even more so than before.

Maeve and Starlight are no longer around to challenge Homelander, and Black Noir (Nathan Michell) won’t be providing support any longer. The only familiar faces left are A-Train (Jessie T. Usher) and The Deep (Chace Crawford), neither of whom are likely to speak up.

Ashley (Colby Minifie) makes the surprising decision to keep Maeve’s fate a secret at the end of season 3. However, she’s proven she won’t push back against Homelander in the same way Stan Edgar (Giancarlo Esposito) did. That just makes him a bigger threat heading into The Boys Season 4. And the finale suggests Ryan (Cameron Crovetti) could become equally problematic.

With the father-son duo in the spotlight, fans have to wonder if Homelander will even bother finding replacements for The Seven. He could choose to work alone instead. That would make it much easier to maintain control.

The Boys team gained a member — but it might lose 1 soon

One way or another, the Seven will probably get a shake-up in The Boys Season 4. However, it’s not the only team facing new dynamics. With Annie joining The Boys, things are about to look much different on that front. She’s always served as a moral compass and voice of reason among the group — alongside M.M. (Laz Alonso) — and her official inclusion could alter the way they do things.

Of course, Annie joining the team isn’t the only change that might occur in season 4. The third season finale also reveals that Butcher has mere months to live, the result of taking too much Temp V to fight Homelander. His limited time is bound to play an important role in the fourth outing. It’s certainly going to leave fans of the character on edge.

Will Soldier Boy return in ‘The Boys’ Season 4?

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With Jensen Ackles’ Soldier Boy quickly becoming a highlight of The Boys Season 3, fans might be wondering if they’ll see him again after the latest episode’s ending. The finale definitely leaves the door open for a return. However, it’s hard to see why anyone would attempt to wake him.

Soldier Boy is back in cryosleep after his fight with The Boys and Homelander, and both parties know the danger he poses if they rouse him from his slumber. The Boys will likely have learned their lesson, while Homelander probably feels scorned by his father’s rejection. Unless some third party comes in, there’s no reason to bring him back for The Boys Season 4.

That said, the writers may search for a creative way to involve the Supe in the next outing if they note his popularity. We’ll have to wait and see what’s on the horizon.

The Boys Season 3 is currently streaming on Prime Video.

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