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  • Prime Video dropped a new poster for The Boys Season 3.
  • Billy Butcher takes center stage, and it looks like he has Supe powers.
  • The Boys teases an even “playing field” in the new episodes.
Karl Urban as Billy Butcher in 'The Boys' Episode 1. He's sitting in his car.
Karl Urban in ‘The Boys’ | Jan Thijs/Amazon Studios

The Boys Season 3 hits Prime Video this June, and it looks like Billy Butcher’s (Karl Urban) vendetta against Homelander (Antony Starr) isn’t over. In fact, a poster for the new episodes suggests The Boys team could “level the playing field” in a surprising way: by becoming Supes themselves.

‘The Boys’ Season 3 poster shows Billy Butcher with powers

Prime Video has yet to release a full-length trailer for The Boys Season 3, but it’s been teasing the next outing in other ways. On March 10, the show’s official Twitter shared a poster for the coming episodes. It depicts Billy Butcher, but with a surprising twist: his eyes are lit up in a way that’s reminiscent of Homelander’s laser vision.

It’s no secret that Billy Butcher hates Supes, something he’s emphasized repeatedly since meeting Hughie (Jack Quaid). He certainly doesn’t have powers of his own when The Boys Season 2 comes to a close. But this poster suggests that could change when season 3 arrives.

With the realization that Compound V creates Supes, it’s not impossible that ordinary humans could take advantage of that. The Boys Presents: Diabolical even shows this happening. So, could Butcher and his companions level up in The Boys Season 3?

Will Billy Butcher and his team become Supes in season 3?

Although The Boys Season 3 poster could simply represent Billy Butcher’s ongoing feud with Homelander, the Twitter caption also alludes to the team getting powers.

It reads, “Soon, it’ll be time to level the playing field,” implying that Butcher and the gang may actually stand a chance against Homelander. Throughout the first two seasons, it’s clear they’ve survived mostly on luck — and help from Supes like Starlight (Erin Moriarty) and Kimiko (Karen Fukuhara).

With powers of their own, they can seek vengeance for their lost loved ones, along with anyone else negatively impacted by the Supes’ callous behavior. Of course, that also means becoming the thing they hate.

‘The Boys’ could draw inspiration from the comics


‘The Boys Presents: Diabolical’: Who Voices Billy Butcher?

The latest tease for The Boys Season 3 hints at the main team becoming Supes, but it doesn’t confirm it. However, it would make sense for the show to go this route.

The Boys comics see Butcher and the gang injecting themselves with Compound V. The substance mostly gives them enhanced strength — and it’s nowhere near as powerful as what we’ve seen from the Seven.

Of course, Prime Video doesn’t need to adapt the source material exactly. It’s possible the series will ramp up this storyline, giving Butcher and his friends powers that are a bit flashier.

Only time will tell what becomes of Butcher and the others in The Boys’ next outing. Whatever happens, fans are probably in for another wild ride.

The Boys Season 3 debuts on Prime Video on June 3, 2022.