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When The Boys premiered in 2019, it became a smash hit for Amazon Prime. In a world that is ripe with superhero content, The Boys flipped the script and asked audiences to think about what it would be like if the superheroes weren’t as heroic as they’re portrayed. With season two, they doubled down on the notion by showing how destructive things had gotten. In season three, however, things might get even crazier. 

‘The Boys’ is based on a comic book

Karl Urban as Billy Butcher on Amazon Prime's 'The Boys.'
Karl Urban as Billy Butcher on Amazon Prime’s ‘The Boys.’ | Jan Thijs/Amazon Prime

The Boys might be a send-up of the convoluted comic book genre, but it got its start inside that very medium. Premiering in 2006, The Boys presented a gang of superheroes that operated much like The Avengers or The Justice League but did so with intentions that were not always so black and white.

In the series created by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, the heroes are not the ones with superpowers, but the ones who actively fight them. The concept was a hit.

The Boys
The Boys | Amazon Prime Video

Developed by Eric Kripke, the television adaptation The Boys brings that same concept to screens worldwide. Led by an all-star cast including Karl Urban, Jack Quaid, and Elizabeth Shue, The Boys was an unabashed tribute and mockery to the genre dominating the film industry unlike any other. 

Equal parts satire and social allegory, the show gave audiences a look at the American way of life through the scope of something they hold dear. These superheroes were not fighting for justice, but fighting to get famous and pass political agendas laid out by a shady corporation. From invisible men to invincible warriors, every character in The Boys has their own story. 

In the second season of the show, fans were briefly introduced to a man named Love Sausage. 

Who is Love Sausage? 

In the comic series, Love Sausage is a man of many pasts. Not only is he a Russian ex-pat, a former cop, and a radical communist, but his superpower is something entirely different than the ones fans of the Marvel universe expect. While he has super strength and a fighting spirit, Love Sausage’s most notable power is in his pants. 

Love Sausage is introduced in a late-season two episode after a large tentacle is seen attacking people. The tentacle does not belong to a Lovecraftian being, nor one of the show’s many established heroes. The tentacle is soon revealed, not a tentacle at all, but Love Sausage’s large male genitalia, which he can use to strangle people and cause havoc. 

The appearance was brief enough to spur fan interest. However, it might have been a preview for an upcoming arc in future seasons. 

Where will Love Sausage go from here? 


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Speaking on the show’s future, showrunner Eric Kripke gave fans of Love Sausage some hope that he may return. “Last week a writer pitched that this is not the last time Laz [Alonso] and Love Sausage interact,” Kripke told Inverse.

While his appearance in season two was just a few minutes long, the scope of his penile power was on full display. In a show that is not afraid to push buttons, characters like Love sausage are perfect fodder to separate themselves from the MCU. 

While Season Two is barely wrapping up, season three is set to premiere next year. For a show that takes its source material and has a little fun with it, a character such as Love Sausage could help push the satire that’s driven it through two seasons. The show implies that the hero was not born with his power like the comic book counterpart, but in an experiment that gave people unnatural superpowers. 

The Boys might not be Saturday Night Live, The Daily Show, or other satirical shows that use comedic effect, but it still runs concurrently with modern-day events. By adding a Russian superhero whose powers result from an experiment gone awry, the show can comment on a variety of issues that are dominating headlines today. 

However, fans will have to wait a while, as season three is still almost a year away. Until then, they can catch the first two seasons on Amazon Prime.