‘The Boys’ Spin-off Series ‘Dawn of the Seven’ Plays on the Snyderverse Movement

The Boys has been one of the most-watched superhero shows on Amazon Prime Video. After two extremely successful seasons, it’s getting geared up to head into season 3. But one thing that’s been teased throughout season 2 and in recent season 3 promo material is the in-world movie Dawn of The Seven. Let’s look at this Snyderverse parody and see if it could be something we see in the real world.

‘The Boys’ has been an original hit for Amazon

A picture of the cast of 'The Boys' in front of a white background with black writing on the red carpet.
‘The Boys’ cast

The Boys, which is based on a comic book that shows regular people standing strong against the terror of evil superheroes, has been a worldwide phenomenon and has built a strong following since its debut. Garth Ennis, a legend amongst comic book artists, is the creator of The Boys. The series has an awe-inspiring star cast. The first two seasons have caused more fans to hop on the hype train for season 3.

The Boys is clearly inspired by DC and also Marvel. It’s not difficult to notice that The Seven from The Boys are a parody of the Big Seven of DC. As Digital Spy points out, The Seven members look a lot like corrupt and evil versions of our favorite characters in the DC or Marvel universe. 

For example, the Deep is a carbon copy of Aquaman, while Homeland is a mix of Superman and Captain America. The main vigilantes, known as The Boys, work together to stop The Seven and keep them from enacting their insidious plans. It’s a concept that worked very well for both Ennis and Amazon.

‘Dawn of the Seven’ plays on the Snyderverse Movement

Dawn of the Seven, the biggest project of the Vought Cinematic Universe, depicts an in-world fictionalized story of The Seven. It’s an obvious riff on Jack Snyder’s Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice but recent promotional teasers for the third season of The Boys suggest Vought Studios has canceled the movie or drastically changed its storyline. 

However, as Screen Rant mentions, this is where things could be really interesting for real-world fans. What if Amazon produces a true full-length movie for us to watch? Since it’s supposed to be an in-universe film, the writers would have a lot of freedom to take the story places we’ve never seen and not have to stick to an already established canon from the show strictly. 

And with the success of Snyder’s 4-four cut of Justice League, we could get something similar with Dawn of The Seven, maybe just not as lengthy. However, it took three years after a lackluster reception to the original Justice League. Perhaps to get Amazon to put out a real Dawn of The Seven, fans will need to gather around Twitter hashtags and Change.org petitions to show how much interest there is for more of The Boys. 

Here’s what’s next for ‘The Boys’


‘The Boys’: Is It Linked to the MCU or DCEU?

At present, the third season of The Boys is still in production. While fans are desperate for another thrilling live-action show, it seems the release of season 3 won’t be until some point in the second half of 2022 or early 2023. The pandemic put a lot of movies and TV shows behind schedule. However, thanks to TechRadar, we know some of the new cast for season 3. They are Jensen Ackles, Laurie Holden, and Sean Patrick Flanery, to name a few.

Last we left off, Congresswoman Victoria Neuman revealed her true colors, and now we know she’s our new Big Baddie. The Seven aren’t doing so hot with Black Noir in a coma and The Deep still out of touch. Will we have new Supes join the team, or will we get our old team back? We think “The Four” just doesn’t roll off the tongue as nicely.