‘The Boys’ Star Shantel VanSanten Hints Becca’s Reunion With Butcher Will Be ‘Complicated’

Shantel VanSanten’s character, Becca, was the driving force behind Billy Butcher’s (Karl Urban) vengeance in Season 1 of The Boys. But this season, the couple is reuniting, and VanSanten hinted it’s going to be more complicated than they expected.

Shantel VanSanten and Karl Urban in The Boys
Shantel VanSanten and Karl Urban in ‘The Boys’ | Amazon

 In ‘The Boys’ Season 1, Butcher thought Becca was dead

In the first season of Amazon’s The Boys, Butcher reveals that the real reason he hates the Supes is that he thought they killed his wife, Becca. Through flashbacks, he recalls how she worked as an employee for Vought and abruptly disappeared. He discovers that she was raped by Homelander (Antony Starr) and believes she was killed.

But when Homelander starts poking around, Madelyn Stillwell (Elisabeth Shue) sends him to a scientist who claims Becca got pregnant as a result of the rape, and then died with the baby during childbirth. 

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But in the Season 1 finale, after killing Stilwell, Homelander takes Butcher to a private compound where they both discover that Becca is alive and raising her young son, Ryan. 

Butcher’s animosity toward Homelander and the Supes might make him hate Becca’s son

Season 2 of The Boys finds Butcher doing whatever it takes to find the secret compound where Becca is being held. However, Homelander has been making frequent visits. Against Becca’s wishes, he’s trying to connect with Ryan (Cameron Crovetti) and make him use his inherited powers.

But if and when Butcher does find Becca, the question will be how he will feel about her son. Not only is he the son of his wife’s rapist, but the kid is also a Supe. In an interview with Comic Book, Karl Urban, the actor who plays Butcher, suggested his character won’t fall in love with the boy just because Becca loves him.

“Without giving too much away, you have to know that Billy Butcher has a very clear, specific view of supes,” said Urban. “And he does not like them and his wife’s son is a Supe. So that prejudice is part of the fabric of the character and it’s not one that is easily brushed aside in any circumstance and particularly not this one.”

‘The Boys’ star Shantel VanSanten says Butcher and Becca’s reunion will be complicated

It’s just a matter of time before Becca and Butcher reunite on The Boys. But when talking to TV Line, VanSanten hinted that their reunion won’t be simple. 

“They have such an epic love for each other,” VanSanten explained. “It’s what’s been driving Butcher and driving him mad, of course, to avenge what he thought was her death, and now this season’s about finding his way back to her. But it’s a lot more complicated, obviously, than just, ‘OK, we found each other. Now we’re back together.’ There’s a whole other human life to consider.”

Fans will finally get to see Becca and Butcher’s reunion on this season of The Boys. New episodes air Fridays on Amazon Prime Video.