The Braxton Family Detail How They Learned About Tamar’s Attempted Suicide

Tamar Braxton is not happy with her family for speaking publicly about her attempted suicide on the current season of Braxton Family Values, but they insist they are only sharing how her hospitalization affected them. In a preview clip for an upcoming episode, the family detail how emotional they became upon learning of Tamar’s hospitalization.

The Braxton Family
The Braxton Family | Desiree Navarro/WireImage

Tamar Braxton says her attempted suicide was due to family conflict, work issues, and depression

In July 2020, Tamar was found unconscious by her then-boyfriend, David Adefeso. Adefeso told police that Tamar took a mixture of prescription pills and alcohol. Tamar was rushed to a nearby hospital and later began treatment to focus on bettering her mental health.

Adefeso also revealed that Tamar was distraught over ongoing issues with We TV. He also insinuated that a surprise trailer for her spinoff-off, Get Ya Life, sent her over the edge.

According to Adefeso, Tamar felt blindsided by the trailer’s release and became upset. He alleges that she threatened suicide earlier in the day.

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When speaking with Tamron Hall, Tamar said she’d been frustrated over issues with We TV and begged the network to redirect the narrative of the show to feature more positive scenes, or to let her out of her contract. She says the show created more issues between her family and they became estranged. 

As a result, she fell into a deep depression, especially after accusing production of blindsiding her by telling her family that she was sexually abused as a child.

The Braxton family recount learning of Tamar’s attempted suicide

Several Instagram pages, including OMFG Reality TV, are sharing an exclusive clip of the Braxton family detailing learning of Tamar’s hospitalization. Toni explains that Tamar’s ex-husband, Vincent Herbert, called her in hysterics to inform her of Tamar’s hospitalization. 

At the time, Toni was working and could not believe the news. She admits the ordeal is difficult for her to discuss, but she hopes that sharing her experience helps someone else. 

As far as the rest of the family, they are equally as shocked. They admit that they were aware of Tamar’s emotional struggles, but never expected her to try to take her own life.

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“I think that everyone has been stressed, and everyone has had a high level of stress [this year],” Towanda says. “It’s just that I feel that everyone needs to pay attention to their friends and family members that say they are sad all of the time.”

The family matriarch, Eveleny, shares similar sentiments. “I knew Tamar was struggling, I knew she was going through a lot,” she says. “But I didn’t think that it would be at this point of feeling there’s not hope, there’s no way out and the only hope and the way out she could have was to end it all. I didn’t know that part.”

Toni says she went through a rollercoaster of emotions, including feeling guilty and wondering if she could have done more to help. She also says she became angry at one point that Tamar would try to end her own life.

Braxton Family Values airs every Thursday at 9 pm EST.