‘The Challenge 35’: Kailah Casillas and Melissa Reeves ‘Pretty Much Avoided Each Other’ Throughout the First Day

Two years ago, former pageant beauty Melissa Reeves and Kailah Casillas competed on The Challenge: Final Reckoning. However, the ladies got into an argument that turned physical, resulting in an immediate disqualification on the first night. After taking a four-season long break, both ladies have returned for their shot at $1 million in The Challenge 35: Total Madness. After the premiere, Melissa explained they steered clear of each other during the first day as they wanted to avoid repeating history.

The Challenge Melissa Kailah
Jenna Compono and Kailah Casillas | Lars Niki

Melissa Reeves and Kailah Casillas got into a physical altercation

In 2018, former pageant beauty and Ex on the Beach UK star Melissa Reeves made her debut on The Challenge for Season 31, Vendettas.

Two-time competitor Kailah Casillas also competed in the same season, and she and Melissa reportedly didn’t see eye to eye. Allegedly, the ladies almost got into a physical altercation during the season because Melissa placed Kailah on a two-person team, making it more difficult for her to win.


Additionally, the UK star could have been upset with Kailah for her involvement in a perceived “bullying” incident, which resulted in Melissa’s “vendetta,” Kayleigh Morris, quitting the competition.

While Kailah and Melissa’s fight didn’t air, there were tensions between the ladies at the reunion. They both returned for the following season, Final Reckoning, and got into another argument. However, this fight got physical and the ladies were immediately disqualified from the competition.

Melissa Reeves and Kailah Casillas both returned for ‘The Challenge 35’

For the first time since their disqualification, the MTV stars came back for another season. In a Twitter clip posted by the official The Challenge account, Melissa explained Kailah “ruined” her chance to win Final Reckoning by “shoving” her, “forcing” the UK star to punch her.

She admitted she didn’t want to see the Real World alumnus this season as she doesn’t “like her” and gets “irritated” by her presence. Additionally, the former pageant beauty noted she didn’t want drama this season.

On the other hand, Kailah seemed unbothered by the “bad blood” between her and Melissa as she wants to “turn a new leaf.” Kailah also recognized she’s “getting older,” so it’s “time to grow up.”

She said she would act friendly toward her nemesis in hopes they can “co-exist and get along.” Additionally, the five-time competitor has her “eye on the prize” this season and doesn’t want to let “bad blood” between her and Melissa get in the way.

Melissa Reeves says they avoided each other the first day

After The Challenge 35: Total Madness premiere episode, a fan asked Melissa if she and Kailah spoke to each other the first day they saw each other in the house.

The former pageant beauty answered they “pretty much avoided each other” because they both “wanted to get through at least one night with no fighting” as the ladies were disqualified on the first night in Final Reckoning.

It’s unclear if the two will settle their differences throughout the season or in an elimination round. The Challenge 35: Total Madness airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on MTV.