‘The Challenge’: Kaycee Clark’s Ex-Girlfriend Exposed Texts Between Them Following Breakup

The Challenge star Kaycee Clark and Tayler Jiminez dated for nearly two-and-a-half years before splitting up. While neither has directly acknowledged what led to their breakup, Tayler implied Kaycee’s relationship with veteran Nany Gonzaléz might have something to do with it in a series of tweets and exposed messages.

Kaycee Clark in the Big Brother house
Kaycee Clark in the Big Brother house | Sonja Flemming/CBS/Getty Images

Tayler Jiminez and Kaycee Clark have had problems over Nany Gonzaléz

A couple of months after winning Big Brother 20, Kaycee Clark began dating model Tayler Jiminez around Dec. 2018. After almost a year of dating, Kaycee competed on The Challenge: Total Madness, where she met Nany Gonzaléz.

The veteran flirted with her several times, even though the BB winner said she had a girlfriend, and they eventually got close in the house. After the episode aired, Tayler defended Kaycee in a tweet, claiming it didn’t bother her and she already knew about their interactions.

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However, a few episodes later highlighted their relationship more as the two spoke highly of each other in their confessionals, and Kaycee broke a deal with BB ally Bayleigh Dayton to favor Nany.

In a June 2020 Instagram Live following the episode, Kaycee admitted Tayler was “not happy” with their interactions and “took accountability” for what happened. However, she also blamed the network for asking her “leading questions” and claimed Bayleigh tried to “sabotage” her relationship. The couple eventually got through it but broke up several months later.

They broke up around April 2021

Around early Mar. 2021, while Kaycee’s second season, Double Agents, aired, fans noticed the two unfollowed each other on Instagram and removed the pictures they had of one another from their feeds.

Tayler also eliminated a saved story from her account that featured the couple’s many adventures together. The two hadn’t acknowledged their breakup until July 2021, when Tayler tweeted that her name was still on their apartment lease.


She also claimed Kaycee “shaded” her to other players, friends, and family but sent her an email and “love letter” shortly before they broke up. Additionally, Tayler confirmed they were no longer together in response to a fan and claimed she would expose Kaycee if she lies about anything, as the BB20 champ reportedly crossed her twice.

Finally, Tayler admitted she wanted to “be messy” because of how long she and Kaycee dated and said her ex “triggered” her by reaching out to her mother. 

Tayler exposes texts after Kaycee and Nany posts themselves hanging out

On July 6, 2021, Nany posted a video of Kaycee eating hot Cheetos as they seemingly shared a bed. Shortly later, her ex uploaded a screenshot of her Mar. 2021 texts with Kaycee.

In the first message, Tayler accused the BB winner of making her “look like an idiot on national television” with Nany and sarcastically claimed she “hoped” the veteran takes care of Kaycee.


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The reality star responded, asking Tayler to “come back,” and apologized for “opening up and reaching out to someone I shouldn’t have.” Her ex then claimed she was “done” with Kaycee and told her to date Nany, to which the reality star said she wouldn’t.

Tayler captioned the screenshot, “el. Oh. El. Liars lie,” likely implying The Challenge veterans are currently dating. Kaycee hasn’t yet acknowledged their breakup or the relationship rumors surrounding her and Nany.