‘The Challenge’ Producer Says Spoilers Are Jeopardizing the Longevity of the Show

MTV’s popular reality competition series The Challenge has lasted 36 seasons and maintains relevancy by continually expanding its cast, twists, and prize money. Despite always evolving, the show still has a problem with spoilers as several fan accounts leak most of the information before the season begins. Executive producer Julie Pizzi appeared on the podcast Reality Life with Kate Casey and admitted the uncontrolled leaks could jeopardize the show.

In this photo illustration a MTV (originally an initialism of Music Television) logo seen displayed on a smartphone
In this photo illustration a MTV (originally an initialism of Music Television) logo seen displayed on a smartphone | Igor Golovniov

‘The Challenge’ returns with season 36

Following Total Madness, in which contestants faced-off individually, and team-based War of the Worlds series, Double Agents forces the players to team up in male-female duos.

Additionally, the new season incorporates new twists for the challengers to maneuver in their quest to win their share of the million dollar prize.

Popular veterans, including CT Tamburello, Leroy Garrett, Nany González, Aneesa Ferreira, and Darrell Taylor, returned alongside several rookies many fans are excited to see such as Survivor champ Natalie Anderson and The Challenge: Champs vs. Pros star and Olympian LoLo Jones. 

‘The Challenge’ is heavily spoiled by fans

Fan accounts have spoiled the show for the past few seasons by leaking almost everything about the new season months before it premieres. The spoilers include themes, cast, filming locations, twists, drama, hookups, elimination matchups, and winners that are posted to forums and then quickly spread online using social media.

Several websites also pick up the leaked reports and publish the information. Due to the number of leaks, many viewers find out who won the season and other crucial details before it begins, frustrating some fans.

However, others enjoy the leaks and discuss how the show will edit it before the season premieres.

It’s unclear how the spoilers get into the hands of the fans’ accounts, but The Challenge production crew are thinking about hiring an “internet sleuth” to figure it out.

Producer says spoilers could jeopardize the longevity of the show

In a Nov. 20 interview with Kate Casey, the President of Entertainment and Development at Bunim/Murray Productions (BMP) and Executive Producer of The Challenge, Julie Pizzi, spoke about why the leaks aren’t as exciting for the production team.

She noted she found it “heart-wrenching” to see how fast information got out as someone, a team or cast member, must be “violating their confidentiality.”

The executive producer acknowledged that cast members might be the culprits and noted the team would bring in an “internet sleuth” to identify who is leaking the information.


‘The Challenge 36’ Rumored Cast and Departure Date

Even though fans are spoiling the seasons because of how much they enjoy the series, Pizzi claimed they are actually “doing it at the jeopardy” of the show as the uncontrolled leaks are a “real threat” and could result in the cancelation of the popular reality competition show.

Therefore, fans should refrain from posting spoilers if they want the long-running series to last. The Challenge 36: Double Agents airs Dec. 9 on MTV.