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For the first time in a few seasons, The Challenge Season 35 will be an individual game, tentatively titled Battle for Independence. Unlike any other season, they will live in an underground shelter and must use Port-o-Potties located outside in Prague, Czech Republic.

In another first, everyone who reaches the finals must have competed in at least one elimination. For this season, they called a few veterans back, such as Wes Bergmann and Aneesa Ferreira, as well as several rookies from Big Brother, including former winner Kaycee Clark and showmance Chris “Swaggy C Williams” and Bayleigh Dayton.

The Challenge Melissa Reeves
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Melissa Reeves, a UK contestant who was disqualified for fighting in Final Reckoning, returns and did pretty well. However, a pregnancy might have stopped her from going as far as she could in Season 35.

Melissa Reeves returns to ‘The Challenge’ for Season 35

After appearing on a few seasons of Ex on the Beach UK, former pageant queen and DJ Melissa Reeves debuted on The Challenge: Vendettas. They partnered her with Kayleigh Morris, an ex-friend who she had a falling out with after Morris hooked up with her love interest in EOTB.

The ladies were eliminated in the fifth episode. She returned for Final Reckoning but was disqualified after getting into a physical altercation with Kailah Casillas.

After taking a few seasons off, Reeves came back for Season 35, alongside Casillas, to compete for the million-dollar prize once again. According to spoiler pages, Reeves made it to the finals, but “left” without a specified reason. 

Melissa Reeves announced her pregnancy

On January 18, 2020, Reeves announced she was pregnant and expecting her child to arrive in the summer of 2020. Rookie Bayleigh Dayton almost immediately congratulated her on Twitter, writing, “Y’all have no idea how much I love this girl! I couldn’t be happier that she finally decided to share!”

Fans began assuming she became pregnant on The Challenge and started a rumor that fellow Season 35 competitor Kyle Christie fathered her child. However, Dayton shut them down quickly, tweeting, “and for all you little messies, the baby is not Kyle’s. Y’all tried it though,” with laughing emojis.

She followed it up with another tweet explaining she would never “share anyone’s personal information without their permission,” and it’s her “job to defend” her friends. Reeves hasn’t publicly said anything else other than her initial pregnancy reveal.

Melissa Reeves found out she was pregnant during ‘The Challenge’

Fans assume Reeves realized she was pregnant right before the finals, and that’s why she “left.” The other females in the finals were Bayleigh Dayton, Kaycee Clark, and Jenny West.

Out of those ladies, Dayton is the only one who congratulated her, and she implied she already knew about the pregnancy in one of her tweets. Therefore, many assume Dayton supported her as she received her results. Reeves left for The Challenge in October and allegedly found out she was pregnant in early December, right before the finals.

If she didn’t get pregnant in The Challenge house, then she began filming while only a few weeks along in her pregnancy. Season 35 premieres sometime in 2020.